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Henning Sieverts

Christian Weidner

REVIEW: Christian Weidner, 'Every Hour of the Light and Dark,' Pirouet Records >>

Christian Weidner's alto saxophone flies over the piano/bass/drums rhythm section of his groundbreaking quartet on 'Every Hour of the Light and Dark' (Pirouet Records). It's a heady concoction whose circuitous road is so delicious that while the destination remains unknown, it's the getting there that's all the fun.

Henning Sieverts

REVIEW: Henning Sievert, 'Double Quartet,' Pirouet Records Germany >>

For his 16th CD, Henning Sieverts' 'Double Quartet' (Pirouet) reaches back over 600 years to research the history of the Bavarian Irsee Monastery in uncovering a mass written in 1614. He then wrote 15 original pieces of music (shortest 51 seconds; longest 12 minutes) for duo, quartet and octet in a similar style but expanding it into modern jazz. No overdubs.

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