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Lou Reed

RETRO: Germany's zeitkratzer Transcribe, Transform Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music'

RETRO: Germany's zeitkratzer Transcribe, Transform Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' >>

It only makes sense that the land that brought us both Bach and Beethoven and Holger Czukay and Irmin Schmidt would be the first to even think about transcribing Lou Reed’s 1975 hocus pocus opus.


RETRO: "Zero Tolerance for Silence (Part 1)" by Pat Metheny >>

Let's face it, protest songs are a dime a dozen. Be it Britain or Iraq, Roe vs. Wade, black power or white guilt, nearly everyone's got an axe to grind.

Lou Reed And Laurie Anderson Launch Vivid LIVE

Lou Reed’s Widow Laurie Anderson Brings His ‘DRONES’ to Big Ears Fest >>

Excitement for this year's Big Ears Festival builds with each performance announcement. Laurie Anderson, widow of Lou Reed and acclaimed performance artist in her own right, will perform pieces inspired by her late husband's avant-garde works as 'Lou Reed's DRONES.'

January Midnight Moment Concert For Dogs: Heart Of A Dog By Laurie Anderson

John Luther Adams & Laurie Anderson to Premiere Sound Installations at Big Ears Fest 2016 >>

With preparation for the 2016 Big Ears Festival underway, the bigwigs behind the gala have announced two sound installations that will be part of the festivities: a piece from composer-in-residence John Luther Adams and his enticing Veils and Vesper, and Laurie Anderson's Drones, a Lou Reed original.

Freedom Fighter Neil Young and Street Wear 'Supreme' Team Up for New Marketing Campaign

Freedom Fighter Neil Young and Street Wear 'Supreme' Team Up for New Marketing Campaign >>

It seems that Joni Mitchell isn't the only one having a fashion moment. As of late, freedom fighter Neil Young has teamed up with street wear superstars Supreme as part of a new marketing campaign.

Lou Reed

Nominees For 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announced, Including The Smiths, Lou Reed, Green Day, NIN, Sting, Kraftwerk >>

The nominees for the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced, including The Smiths, the late Lou Reed and Sting — as a solo act. Also included in the 15 nominees are bands you may not believe have even been around that long, like Green Day, or Nine Inch Nails.

Waiting for my Man: Seth Kaufman Dreams a Lou Reed Glee-iesta, Complete with 'Wild Side' Renditions and Cafeteria Courtrooms

New Yorker's Seth Kaufman Dreams of 'Glee' Episode Featuring Lou Reed, Complete with 'Wild Side' Food Fight >>

Lou on 'Glee,' a righteous would-be episode, indeed, thanks to Seth Kaufman at the New Yorker.

WATCH: Metallica and Lang Lang Dominate All Other Grammy Performers with "One" >>

A more touching spectacle took place during the in memoriam segment--initiated by the first few bars of Lang Lang's Tchaik--despite misspelling Corey Monteith's name and excluding other revered names.

25 Reasons Why Violinist Hahn-Bin Yoo (a.k.a. Amadéus Leopold) is the New Liberace [PHOTOS] >>

In a 1956 Daily Mirror column--penned by "Cassandra" (a.k.a. Sir William Neil Connor)--Wladziu Valentino Liberace (a.k.a. Liberace) received the following, near libelous string of pearls...

RETRO: Renée Fleming Duets with Lou Reed on "Perfect Day" for 20th Anniversary of Czech Velvet Revolution >>

The late Lewis Allan Reed and the Velvet Underground influenced not only a generation of rock musicians, but also the late Czechoslovakia-cum-Czech Republic president Václav Havel. And that was why Reed got the invite to perform with soprano Renée Fleming at a 2009 event celebrating the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution (which will see its 24th starting on November 17).

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