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Ludwig van Beethoven

Elias String Quartet

Elias String Quartet Pursues Beethoven’s Complete String Quartets >>

London-based chamber music ensemble the Elias String Quartet began their multi-year endeavor of performing all of Beethoven’s string quartets in 2011, dubbing the undertaking ‘The Beethoven Project’.

Michael Crawford Conducts ACO

LIVE REVIEW: Jiayan Sun, Thomas Crawford Lead ACO in All-Beethoven Opening Night >>

Alice Tully Hall was rattling under standing ovations this Thursday, courtesy of American Classical Orchestra (ACO's) choice to begin its season with the thunderous clashes of three perennial Beethoven works: the "Lenore Overture No. 3," followed by the 'Emperor' Concerto, and finally, Beethoven's '7th Symphony.' Certainly, an "All-Beethoven" opening night marks a decisive start to any season, but with young fortepianist Jiayan Sun leading the 'Emperor' Concerto with a historically informed performance, enthusiasts may never again be as close to the composer's work, as only he conceived it.

Mashup Masterclass

OUPblog Claims ‘Mashup Music’ is Performance, not Composition >>

Not to spark another "what is art?" debate, but OUPblog has put forth a striking allegation against 'mashup music', questioning the practice not just in terms of crediting the original artists, but even its status as a true composition. Using examples from prominent mashup artists, such as Danger Mouse's Grey Album mashup of Jay Z and Beatles tracks, OUPblog digs into the nature of what a mashup track really is, how it's being regarded in the music community, and the ongoing debate as to who takes the credit.

'Beethoven Was African' Website Unearths Oral History of Composer and His Roots

'Beethoven Was African' Website Unearths Oral History of Composer and His Roots >>

The supposition that one of history's greatest composers, Ludwig van Beethoven, was African is not a new one. But, with more findings unearthed, a new website has devoted itself to the very idea that Beethoven was indeed running from his roots.

Little Ludwig: 5 Facts About Beethoven You Probably Didn't Learn in Elementary School

Classicalite's Five Best: Beethoven Trivia >>

If you thought you knew Beethoven, we found 5 truths to Ludwig van Beethoven's character that you either may not have known or overlooked into your processions with Vienna's most brilliant composer.

Listening to the Bawdy Bellower Nerd: Amusing Anagrams of Famous Composers’ Names >>

Just for fun, we decided to test some anagram generators on the Web by typing in the names of our favorite composers. What hidden meanings might be lurking in these famous names?

Ode to Fraud: Mamoru Samuragochi, "Japan's Beethoven," Admits to Buying His Most Acclaimed Compositions >>

Mamoru Samuragochi, known as the Japanese Beethoven, is facing a great deal of shame after confessing that he paid another composer to create many of his most iconic works.

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