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Penny Dreadful

Harry Treadaway

Harry Treadaway Breathes Life Into Frankenstein...with Glenn Gould? >>

Harry Treadaway stars as the fabled Mary Shelley character Dr. Victor Frankenstein in Showtime's 'Penny Dreadful,' alongside big 'Black Hawk' heartthrob Josh Hartnett as the Victorian-American Ethan Chandler. Classicalites, surely you've heard that famous shriek by Dr. Frankenstein when his masterpiece comes to life, but what you may not know is that the actor who plays the young doctor on premium cable, Britain's own Mr. Treadaway, likes to compile playlists of classical music to help him get into character. Treadaway says, "If I need to connect with the conversations I had initially, I can go back and listen to the music. It helps."

Billie Piper

'Doctor Who' Companion Billie Piper Misses a London Performance after Collision with Cyclist >>

Understudy Jo Dockery, sister of Michele Dockery of 'Downton Abbey' fame, stepped in for a night.

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