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Posi-Tone Records

Peter Brendler

REVIEW: Peter Brendler, 'Message In Motion," Posi-Tone Records >>

Another winner from the left coast's Posi-Tone: consider it a 'Message In Motion' by Peter Brendler where six of the tracks feature no chords whatsoever as it's Brendler's bass augmented by Rich Perry's tenor sax, the trumpet of Peter Evans and Vinnie Sperazza with the type of kinetic drumming that continually moves the music forward.

David Gibson

REVIEW: David Gibson, 'Inner Agent,' Posi-Tone Records >>

Tromonist/Composer David Gibson is making a case for himself to be included in the conversation of big-time 'bone men. A disciple of Curtis Fuller, 81, Gibson follows up last year's 'Boom' with this year's 'Inner Agent' (Posi-Tone). It's a free-swinging affair filled with adventure, high-wire daring and sweet melodic and harmonic constructions. It even closes with a Beatle song.

'Allied Forces'

REVIEW: Steve Fidyk, 'Allied Forces,' Posi-Tone Records >>

One realizes just how special 'Allied Forces' (Posi-Tone) by Steve Fidyk is about halfway through Monk opener "Evidence." Dealing with Monk's myriad changes and convoluted thought processes in a shiny new irresistible way has that good new-car smell about it that hooks you right in, and it's like that for the duration, partly because guitarist Shawn Purcell and tenor saxist Doug Webb make the absolute most of their opportunity here.

Brian Charette

REVIEW: 'Once & Future,' Brian Charette, Posi-Tone Records >>

Brian Charette knows his B-3 history. His '101 Hammond B-3 Tips' book, his nine CDs plus his new 'Once & Future' (Posi-Tone) where he performs 14 tracks of super-cool B-3 funky jazz by a litany of composers with only guitarist Will Bernard and drummer Steve Fidyk, is only his latest chapter. Charette has dug down deep to benefit us all.

Spike Wilner

REVIEW: Spike Wilner, 'Koan,' Posi-Tone Records >>

Man, those guys at Posi-Tone are on a roll! Spike Wilner's 'Koan' is as engaging a piano trio CD as you'll hope to hear. I thought I was done with basic piano trios but Wilner is so inventive, his originals so, uh, original, his covers so well-picked and performed, that if you have to hear yet another piano trio, let it be he.

'Father Figure' by Michael Dease

REVIEW: Michael Dease, 'Father Figure,' Posi-Tone Records >>

Michael Dease cuts loose with a wildly swingin' post-boppin' assemblage of talent on vibraphone, piano, bass, drums and two alto saxophones wherein the trombone man serves as 'Father Figure' to some crazily talented youngsters on originals and well-picked covers, or, as we like to say in the music-listenin' business: discreeto pickos.

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