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Robert Mugge

Boozoo Chavis

Classicalite Reviews Robert Mugge's 'The Kingdom of Zydeco' >>

Robert Mugge seemingly doesn't believe in cutting, unless absolutely necessary. This is not a criticism, although it may sound like it. Starting out, his lingering camera, feels a tadbit awkward. You wait for the cutaway to something else. It does happen but it takes a little bit. Musical performances are similar. When someone in Mr. Mugge's films starts a performance of a song, you can guarantee that you are going to hear the whole song before his camera flees the scene. Mr. Mugge takes you there and you see the story, in this case The Kingdom of Zydeco, unfold as it did before his eyes.

Robert Mugge

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Robert Mugge >>

Independent filmmaker and documentarian Robert Mugge is one of the greatest chroniclers of American roots music working today. For more than thirty years, he has carefully preserved and documented pieces of American culture that may have otherwise been lost in the foggy haze of time. To coincide with the release of three new DVDs that explore Louisiana cultural music on DVD - Zydeco Crossroads: A Tale of Two Cities, The Kingdom of Zydeco, and Rhythm N Bayous: A Road map to Louisiana Music March 25, Mr. Mugge sat down with Classicalite to talk about the blues, film making and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina -

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