Danica Patrick and Larry the Cable Guy Dating Rumors Follow Divorce

By Quinton Robinson on Dec 06, 2014 12:53 PM EST

Danica Patrick was divorced on April 17, of last year. Though the event was certainly difficult for Danica, it didn't seem to affect her professional life. Her dating life, on the other hand, remains a mystery. That was until Nascar's biggest star spent a little quality time on stage with Larry the Cable Guy, and things got a little steamy. Though clearly part of a bit, Larry and Danica's on stage performance generated a ton of buzz.

As Classicalite previously reported, Danica's divorce has not interfered with her ability to succeed or impress fans worldwide. Instead, she is doing great. Go Daddy reportedly coughed up millions to get Patrick another Super Bowl spot.

Also, Danica's career has collided with an unusual character at this year's CMT Awards -- Larry the Cable Guy.

,According to, this isn't the first time Larry and Dance have worked together:

 "Larry the Cable Guy will be the featured speaker at the Bowl Mayor's Luncheon...The comedian will address city officials, corporate sponsors, football guests, [etc.]...The parade also will include the bands and cheerleaders of Arkansas State and Kent State...NASCAR racer Patrick will serve as the grand marshal for the parade, as she did in 2011."

Yes, boys its true, Danica is single. She and Paul Hospenthal called in quits in April of last year.

Arizona court documents said the marriage was "irretrievably broken" and chances to reconcile seemed unlikely.

I turns out Larry the Cable Guy may stand a much better shot. According to Nascar, things between Larry and Danica seem more intimate than most working relationships. At their recent appearance together, Danica was seen wearing Larry's shirt and the Cable Guy had some complimentary words for Danica:

"Before taking the stage, Patrick got some help from host Larry the Cable Guy in the form of a shirt during makeup. Larry introduces Danica with a joke, 'Here's somebody who's as tough as she is beautiful...The most successful woman in the history of American open wheel racing. A girl so hot that the other race car drivers have installed windshield wipers on the inside of their cars.'"

The two were obviously just having fun, especially considering Larry is in a committed relationship. Danica, however, is much harder to read.

What do you think? Would you let your man lend his shirt to the sexiest woman in Nascar? Let us know in the comments below.

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