Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch Dating News: ‘True Detective’ Couple Split?

By Shane Jordan on Sep 08, 2015 10:59 PM EDT

Things seemed pretty promising just a short while ago, but word has it that the romance has fizzled between True Detective cast members, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Canadian actors were dating up a storm during their time together on the HBO series, but since the finale they have all but split. Word has it that despite how well things went when they were together, the Notebook beauty just can't get Kitsch back to L.A. for anything less than business.

A few months ago when they were busy making True Detective Season 2, Taylor Kitsch was said to be falling fast for Southpaw actress, Rachel McAdams.

One on the set source told Us Weekly at the time, that it looked as though Rachel and Taylor were at the beginning of an epic love affair:

"It hasn't been long...But it's serious. Friends for years -- they grew closer on set.

"I don't know if it's full-blown love yet, but they talk constantly. They're really into each other. She talks about him all the time!"

It would seem that Taylor's feeling for Rachel may have just been a part of him getting very deep into method acting -- as finishing up filming seemed to bring about the end of their new romance.

One source claiming to have all the behind-the-scenes deets in the latest September 14, issue of The National Enquirer insists that Kitsch's feelings for McAdams seemed to dissipate as the director called cut on the series finale moments:

"Taylor grew close to Rachel...but he hightailed it as soon as they stopped filming!"

According to the informant, the real problem is Taylor just can't be bothered keeping up with a girlfriend in L.A., any more than Rachel can deal with having a boyfriend that live hundreds of miles away in Austin, Texas:

"Taylor isn't willing to pull up stakes and move to L.A.

"As much as she adores Taylor, she has no time for a long-distance relationship."

What do you think about Taylor and Rachel supposedly calling off their relationship due to a little distance?

Does that make next to no sense given how often Kitsch must have to come into town for one business related event of another?

Or, is trying to hold a long-distance relationship together while simultaneously being movie stars just too much to ask of any couple?

Let us hear what you have to say about all this in the comment field below.

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