‘The Mentalist’ Season 6 Finale Recap Spoilers Review: Robin Tunney and Simon Baker Wedding; Renewed for Season 7? [VIDEO]

By Shane Jordan on May 11, 2014 04:38 PM EDT

Thanks to the last minute renewal by CBS their long-running series The Mentalist can focus on cultivating the relationship between Simon Baker and Empire Records' Robin Tunney's characters Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, especially now that the Red John storyline has finally been wrapped up. Spoilers: though executive producer Bruno Heller is getting the word out in reviews that this year's Season 6 finale cliffhanger will be romantic instead of just suspenseful, you probably shouldn't hold your breath for a wedding proposal or anything. Of course that could be a completely different story by the time we get to Season 7's end of the year finale recap.

Since it has been announced the CBS will be carrying on with another season of The Mentalist, all fans want to know is whether or not Jane and Lisbon, played by Simon Baker and Craft witch Robin Tunney respectively, will finally be getting their groove thing on now that Red John's storyline has reach its dramatic conclusion.

Playing a bit of a tease in an interview with Yahoo! Robin Tunney admitted that though their characters were definitely developing a deeper relationship, the audience might not necessarily like where it all ends up:

"They are growing closer together. We'll have to see what happens with this. I don't know; we're either going to make a lot of people really happy or a lot of people very upset, I'm not sure."

Executive Producer on The Mentalist Bruno Heller told TV Guide that this year they were going to take the season finale in a slightly different direction from the usually:

"It's a romantic finale rather than a [suspenseful] finale...With the death of Red John, there's a sense of tying [things] up and certainly this romantic angle is one of them."

Simon Baker even admitted to Hollywood Reporter that ultimately their move to the FBI was really just a twist to bring Patrick and Teresa together:

"The transition to the FBI has been able to give us room structurally in the story to explore the potential for a relationship between Jane and Lisbon."

Alright so it's settled...when are these two crazy kids getting hitched?

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