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primephonic: Finally a Quality Digital Audio Service for Classical Music >>

In search for high-quality digital downloads of the best classical music, Classicalite has stumbled upon a goldmine: primephonic. Check out all the greatest classical music in audiophile WAV, FLAC or DSD format via their service. Free compilation download inside.

How 'primephonic' is Changing Classical Music Downloading, All for the Better

primephonic: Classical Music's Service for All Seasons >>

Until now, alas, classical musical had been more than a little late to the revolution. No, not a televised one; the online revolution--that digi-revolt against all the real, tactile records (and tapes) of some 1000 years of performance practice proper. Blame the medium, not the message, though. Lo, about an hour south of Amsterdam, one dutiful Dutch downloading distributor would soon oblige: primephonic.

A Passion for Acoustics [primephonic, Jordy van Wijk]

ICYMI: primephonic's Jordy van Wijk on J.S. Bach's Passion for Acoustics at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig >>

A well-crafted a church appeals as much to the eyes as to the ears. As Western music was so heavily intertwined with the church throughout history, you can imagine that a lot of major compositions first came to life in some of the world's most magnificent churches. As the dominant musical figure at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Johann Sebastian Bach had this privilege many times over.

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