[EXCLUSIVE] Kosha Dillz Hacked By Isis Supporters: Anti-Israel Team System Dz Shuts Down Website

By Jonathan Lambert on Oct 30, 2014 04:10 PM EDT

Team System Dz, a group of hackers who support Isis, have struck once again. This time, the anti-Israel terrorist group has shutdown the website of Kosha Dillz, a prominent pro-Israel rapper.

This isn't the first website that Team System Dz has taken down. In fact, it's far from it.

The group spent much of the summer launching cyber-attack after cyber-attack on a variety of websites.

While pro-Israel sites were certainly targeted, it seems the terrorist organization would attack any website they could penetrate, regardless of religious affiliation (via Geek Time):

"So far the hackers have taken over websites for Swype, a Washington-based virtual keyboard for touchscreens; Ceinga, a Spanish IT and computer repair business; Mother's Pouch, an Indian daycare center; Silverteam, a Brazilian programming development company; Suzuki South, a South African motorcycle retailer; among many others. It is unclear why the group targeted these sites, as none seem to be located in Israel, nor have any connections to the country."

But when it comes to Kosha Dillz, there's really no confusion as to why he was targeted.

The popular rapper, who we have profiled several times in the past, isn't just pro-Israel.

Dillz is pro-peace, actively supporting charities that bring together Jewish and Muslim youth, in an effort to collaborate both musically and spiritually.

Over the summer, Kosha was a featured artist at "It Is What It Israel," an event dedicated to raising awareness about the threats Israel continues to face.

When asked for a comment, a representative for Kosha Dillz released the following statement (in part):

"The rapper believes his participation in activity with his country of Israel, as well as songs released w/ Diwon x IDF Soldier Dror Gomel entitled No More War, increased a vast amount of hate emails to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. The site states its dedication to killing America, Infidels and Israel sympathizers. It also shows pictures of American War planes and pictures of bloody Muslim women and children."

For now, Kosha's website is redirecting viewers to his Facebook page. Luckily, fans can check out Kosha's latest album, Awkward in a Good Way. They can also view his latest music video, What's Going On Upstairs?

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