‘RHOBH’ Brandi Glanville Fired after Supporting Kim Richards Drinking? [CAST NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on May 03, 2015 08:07 PM EDT

Brandi Glanville has made a point of being the only Real Housewives of Beverly Hill cast member to openly support Kim Richards through her fall from grace and back into alcoholism. According to the latest gossip news updates, Donald Trump's drunk Celebrity Apprentice is afraid that her outspokenness may lead to her being fired after the Season 5 reunion. Lisa Vanderpump archenemy continues to be the best friend for Kyle's sad sister for the time being -- pointing out that she's practically the last friend that Kim Richards has got.

While Kyle Richards may not have talked to her alcoholic sister for months, Brandi Glanville has been hanging out with Kim quite regularly.

During a recent chat with Us Weekly, Glanville claimed that she'd seen Kim very recently and she's already bounced right back from her little incident with the Beverly Hills Police Department:

"I saw Kim last Sunday...She's doing good!

"She's doing great."

Much has been made of Glanville's "toxic" behavior by some of Kim's closest family members since her arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel, but Brandi begged people to understand the position everyone has put her in by already come downing so hard on Richards (via Reality Tea):

"My thing is, you can't help somebody that doesn't want help. And if they say, 'I'm fine,' then in their head, they're fine.

"It's not my place to go and say, 'You have a problem,' because all that does is shut me down to her, she walks away from me and then she has nobody."

Despite Brandi's attempts at framing herself as nothing more than Kim's dear friend, a source close to the Beverly Hill Housewife reveals in the May 11, issue of OK! Magazine that she is frightened that her outspoken support may cause her to be fired right alongside Richards during the series hiatus:

"She terrified of being broke again if her gig on RHOBH ends, and she's determined not to be left high and dry.

According to the informant, Brandi has been doing her best to line up as many money making venture as she can, while she still has the benefit of the recent Bravo exposure:

"She's putting a lot of effort into her podcast, but what she really wants is a satellite radio show like Jenny McCarthy has, because that's where the money is.

"She's set her sights on landing a hosting gig, like Jenny did with The View.

"Brandi's convinced it will come naturally given her podcast experience."

Well, if Brandi's looking to take the Jenny McCarthy path to fame it's a little too late to pose nude for Playboy, but she could always say something real ignorant about modern medicine to garner a little extra attention.

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