Ryan Gosling Quits Acting, Eva Mendes Takes Selfie for Baby Cancer Charity

By Jonathan Lambert on May 23, 2015 10:35 AM EDT

Time for another update in the lives of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, following the birth of the couple's first baby. According to a recent report, Gosling may have temporarily quit acting. Meanwhile, his gorgeous baby mamma, Eva Mendes, recently took her first selfie. Why? The A-list celeb wanted to highlight a charity set up to help a young child who is facing charity.

A lot of celebrities' first selfie is of their rear end or other strategically covered body parts. But not Eva Mendes'.

Instead of using Instagram to show off how attractive she is, the actress chose to highlight a charity instead. According to E! Online, Eva's first selfie had a purpose - to draw attention to Andrew Wilson's battle with cancer:

"Eva Mendes popped her selfie cherry with this cute Instagram pic...But The Place Beyond the Pines star is not just your stereotypical self-absorbed celebrity jumping on a trend. This selfie is for a cause. If you direct your attention away from her beautiful dimpled smile you'll notice her shirt reads 'Hopes and Prayers for Andrew Wilson.'"

Of course, Eva's thoughtful actions aren't the only reason the celebrity duo find themselves in the news.

Mr. Gosling has recently received some criticism for his directorial debut, which was widely-panned by critics and viewers alike.

But, for fans of Gosling's breakout performance in the Notebook, Huffington Post tells readers that they may never be satisfied with Gosling's post-romance endeavors:

"Now, [Ryan Gosling has] temporarily 'quit acting,' and wrote and directed a dark anti-misogynistic fairy tale, Lost River, but his filmmaking efforts are still relatively invisible compared to this idea of him as 'that guy from The Notebook' (and Tumblrs likening him to puppies found within the first page of his Google search results). Let's face it: Ryan Gosling was never the movie star we made him out to be."

What do you think of the latest reports? Are you surprised that Eva would use her first selfie to help promote a charity? Or, does that just seem like the kind of person Eva is? Do you think Ryan can live up to all of the hype surrounding him?

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