X-Ray Image of 900 Pound Obese Man, Keith Martin: Real or Fake?

By Brandy on Jan 04, 2016 11:00 AM EST

An interesting image that depicts the internal structure of a 900 pound man's body has been popping up on the internet since sometime back in 2014. It is often professed to be an X-Ray image, CT Scan or MRI and seems to be quite realistic. The image appeared shortly after a documentary called 70 Stone and Almost Dead was aired on British television about Keith Martin, the world's heaviest man, weighing in at well over 900 pounds. The question now becomes is it real or fake?

The X-Ray style rendering first made its social media rounds just before the follow up documentary to 70 Stone and Almost Dead aired in August of 2014. The sequel, entitled 70 Stone: The Man Who Couldn't be Saved, follows Martin's recovery after his epic weight loss surgery operation, while the original documents the trials and tribulation the heavy man must face leading up to the surgery.

After investigation, determined the X-Ray images are fake, not real. "A segment of the documentary featured a computer generated conceptual model of what Martin's x-ray might have looked like," reports Snopes investigator, Dan Evon. The images, while fake, still do their job well. They educate viewers as to how the skeletal structure of a morbidly obese person such as Keith Martin might appear.

Martin, known as the world's heaviest man, died at age 44 due to complications from pneumonia after having undergone, and survived, a risky bariatric surgery.

For the curious minded of you, a stone is a unit of weight measurement that equates to 14 international pounds. At 70 stones, Martin weighed in at a whopping 980 pounds.

Real or Fake, the X-Ray Image of the 900 pound obese man that is modeled after Keith Martin's body structure is indeed a spectacle to behold. While it may not be an actual medical image of Martin, it is still a relatively accurate depiction of how a man with a similar body type might appear on the inside.

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