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Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan Astar Wins 'Norway's Got Talent' with Sultry

Angelina Jordan Astar Wins 'Norway's Got Talent' with George Gershwin's Sultry "Summertime" >>

Eight-year-old Angelina Jordan Astar sang an expressive rendition of George Gershwin's "Summertime" on Friday night to win 'Norway's Got Talent.'

From Jackie Evancho to Amira Willighagen, Do Child Stars and Phenoms 'Actually' Embody Any Real Talent? Norman Lebrecht Comments

The God-Child Myth: Are Child Singers Jackie Evancho, Amira Willighagen, Angelina Jordan Astar, Etc. Actually Talented? >>

The appeal and draw that lies in young talent far exceeds actual understanding. It just seems to be interesting to most folks, and the way that the internet trends these days makes way for these prodigies to become but a blip on your computer screen.

Astar is Born: 8-Year-Old Angelina Jordan Sings 'Bang Bang,' Advances to Finals of ‘Norway's Got Talent’

Astar is Born: 8-Year-Old Angelina Jordan Sings 'Bang Bang,' Advances to Finals of ‘Norway's Got Talent’ >>

Angelina Jordan Astar sang "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" on the semi-finals of 'Norway's Got Talent' on Saturday night. The judges, clearly moved by the eight-year-old’s ability to express emotions beyond her years, voted her through to the finals of the talent show, to be held next month.

How Did Child Singers Angelina Jordan, Amira Willighagen Learn to Sing Like Adults? By Studying at "YouTube University" >>

Before YouTube, it was unlikely that a nine-year-old would teach herself to sing opera, or a young Norwegian girl would learn to croon a jazz standard like Billie Holiday. But YouTube has become a repository for music of all styles and ethnicities, giving everyone an instant listening library at their fingertips. You might want to call it "YouTube University."

Angelina Jordan, Age 7, Channels Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday" on 'Norway's Got Talent' Audition >>

First it was Jackie Evancho on 'America's Got Talent'...Then it was Amira on 'Holland's Got Talent'...Now 7-year-old Angelina Jordan has become the latest pint-sized prodigy to amaze the judges with her mature-sounding voice, during an audition for 'Norway's Got Talent' in which she sang a cover of Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday."

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