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HIlary Duff

Get the Rape with Indians: 'THE FANTASTICKS' Finally Closing May 3...and It's All Aaron Carter's Fault! >>

Alas, the producers of Off-Broadway's THE FANTASTICKS have announced that the perpetually running musical will finally limp on t'wards the moonlight on Sunday, May 3 -- the 55th anniversary, to the very day, of the opening of the show way back in 1960. Come that fateful Sunday, the production will have played a total of, get ready, 20,672 performances in New York City alone. OK, so here's the math and geography: 17,162 at the old Sullivan Street Playhouse + another 3,510 at alum Jerry Orbach's place at, even better, the Snapple Theater Center. Like a Romeo and Juliet but with 1,000% more Backstreet B-spawn, the score to THE FANTASTICKS will no doubt become its legacy. Featuring music by Harvey Schmidt with book, lyrics and direction by the incomparable Tom Jones (no, not that Tom Jones), you'll never be able to hear tunes like "Try To Remember", "Soon It's Gonna Rain" or "They Were You" as they were intended ever again.

Lang Lang Plays Liszt and the Rain! >>

If an earthquake couldn't stop him, what's a li'l drizzle going to do to superstar pianist Lang Lang? Evidently, nothing at all.

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