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Let It Go

Leah Flynn

Violinist, 7, Wants to Play for Peace, Stop Violence in Ferguson >>

Leah Flynn, a 7-year-old violinist from Sanford, Florida, is hoping to play her violin for peace in the torn town of Ferguson, Missouri. Flynn, who is only in second-grade, has been playing the violin since she was 5 and practices daily with her father. She has performed as a soloist at many different concerts and venues. After viewing the violence and protest happening in Ferguson shortly after the shooting and death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson, the talented child felt that she wanted to do something to help the suffering town. “She said to me, ‘Mom, what’s going on?’ And I explained to her, because I have to — I told her what’s going,” her mother Paula Flynn told WOFL. “She said, ‘But it's not right these people look so sad; maybe I could do something for them.”

Cary Elwes

Cary Elwes, Disney Theatricals Honcho Talk Broadway Prospects for 'Princess Bride,' 'Frozen' >>

'It doesn't need to be fast. It needs to be great,' said Thomas Schumacher, Disney Theatrical Group's president and producer, about a stage adaptation of 'Frozen.'

From 'If/Then' to 'Frozen' Stages: Idina Menzel Announces Upcoming Christmas LP 'Holiday Wishes'

From 'Frozen' to 'If/Then,' Idina Menzel Now Granting 'Holiday Wishes' on Upcoming Christmas LP >>

As we say goodbye to the warm weather and welcome the coming colds (I'm not talking about temperature), so comes the season of Christmas albums. The latest news comes from none other than a Jewish singer, Idina Menzel, and her forthcoming LP Holiday Wishes.

Filipino Sining Quartet, MICA, Gives 'Let It Go' Tribute on South Korean X-Factor 'Superstar K' to Dumbfounded Judges

Filipino Singing Quartet MICA Performs 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen' on 'Superstar K,' South Korea's X-Factor Show >>

It seems that the Frozen phenomenon is still on going. This time, the iconic track "Let It Go," originally sung by the legendary Idina Menzel, is given new breath by Filipino singing quartet MICA on South Korea's Superstar K.

What If Your Life Was a Musical? Four New Shows Explore This Idea, Including Disney’s ‘Bob the Musical’

What If Your Life Was a Musical? Four New Shows Explore This Idea, Including Disney’s ‘Bob the Musical' >>

For anyone who wishes that their life had musical accompaniment, or that everyday people spontaneously broke into song like they do in musicals, several new shows could be for you, including Adam Overett's 'My Life Is a Musical' and an upcoming movie from Disney, ‘Bob the Musical.'

Courtney Reed (Jasmine) and Adam Jacobs (Aladdin) in Disney's 'Aladdin.'

Broadway Cast Recordings on Tap for 'Aladdin,' 'If/Then' and 'Bullets over Broadway' >>

'Tis the season for original Broadway cast albums. Disney's 'Aladdin' and Masterworks Broadway's 'If/Then' and 'Bullets Over Broadway' are some of the latest releases.

Defying Gravity: Idina Menzel (née Adele Dazeem) Wins 2014 Oscar for Best Original Song with "Let It Go" from 'Frozen' >>

Here at Classicalite, we set our own agenda for the Academy Awards--specifically, the contenders for Best Original Score and Best Original Song. And, to be fair, we were wrong.

'Frozen' Cast Members Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad Perform Live Soundtrack at Private Concert [PHOTOS] >>

With ample talent on the back end and a truly star-studded cast, the soundtrack to Frozen was watermarked for success long before its release.

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