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Maria Callas

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic Portrays Maria Callas in 'Seven Deaths' - Roman Polanski to Direct >>

Performance artist, Marina Abramovic, will be filming a series of short films titled “Seven Deaths” where she will play the part of legendary opera singer Maria Callas. Roman Polanski will be directing the outing.

Maria Callas

Maria Callas Opera Academy In Her Old Apartment Approved By Greece >>

The now-dilapidated house where opera legend Maria Callas lived from 1940-45 is set to become an opera school itself, approved by Greece. Dubbed the Maria Callas Opera Academy, the project was a long-term goal of soprano Vasso Papantoniou and husband writer Vassilis Vassilikos. Yesterday at a gala concert, artistic director of the Greek National Opera Myron Michailidis announced the organization would support the construction plans.

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings >>

Classicalite contributing editor James Inverne states his case, with videos, for the five best Carlo Bergonzi recordings.

Classicalite's Five Best: YouTube Music

Classicalite's Five Best: Biggest YouTube Music Hitters >>

Ah, YouTube. Repository of some of the finest classical rarities just waiting to be chanced upon by some digital adventurer. But YouTube has its classical blockbusters as well -- videos that have attracted a critical mass of page views. They're not always the most obvious. Sometimes indeed the performers aren't even known. But here are five of the most-viewed classical videos we could find...

Italian Tenor Renato Cioni, One of Maria Callas' Leading Men, Dies at 84 on Elba >>

From an era when Italianate (and indeed, Italian) tenors were in more plentiful supply, Renato Cioni has passed away at the age of 84. He was also one of the last links to the age of Maria Callas, as one of her last Cavaradossis in Puccini's Tosca

Katherine Jenkins' Fantasy Dinner and Cognac Fave, Raymond Blanc, Does Not Reciprocate Very Special Night >>

Distance runner, cruise ship crooner and all-around diva Katharine Jenkins has joined the famous chef Raymond Blanc to launch Martell new cognac's series Very Special Nights. But while she ranks Blanc as part of her ideal all-time dinner party, she fares less well when it comes to his choices.

Classicalite's Five Best: Fashionable Classical Musicians [POLL] >>

To suggest that there's anything new in classical musicians jumping into the fashion and lifestyle world is just plain wrong. Ever since the lifestyle marketing era began, classical musicians have occasionally associated themselves with various brands.

Bruce Lundvall

Classicalite Recording News: EMI Classical and Virgin Classics Taken Over by Warner Brothers >>

Well that was the worst-kept secret in the classical music world! EMI Classical and its sister label Virgin Classics are to be spun out of the recent Universal Music takeover, and will be rolled in to Warner Music. How important is this news? Huge.

Maria Callas: NPR's #DivaontheMove [PHOTOS] >>

Last week, National Public Radio finally moved into a brand new building at 1111 North Capitol Street Northeast in Washington, D.C. Throughout the process, the well-trod NPR Music staff--Anya Grundmann, Tom Huizenga, Valeska Hilbig and Suraya Mohamed--made sure to snap plenty of Instagrams of diva "Maria Callas" on the move.

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