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The Beatles


REVIEW: Paul McCartney, 'Pure McCartney,' Concord Music Group >>

From his 1970 self-titled solo debut to last year's "Say Say Say" remix, the four discs of 'Pure McCartney' (Concord Music Group) are testament to 1) Paul's staying power (his most famous band started in 1959); 2) his unerring melodic, harmonic and rhythmic perfection that time has yet to dim; 3) his vocal warmth like hearing an old friend who makes you smile; 4) and his willingness to apply his brand of rock'n'roll flair to just about any genre and still be Paul.

Alarm Will Sound

Alarm Will Sound Cover The Beatles on New Album, ‘Modernists’ >>

Contemporary chamber orchestra Alarm Will Sound will release their new album, 'Alarm Will Sound Presents Modernists', via Cantaloupe Music on April 29. The collection includes their notable interpretation of The Beatles’ 'White Album' sound collage, “Revolution 9."

George Martin

Beatles' Producer Sir George Martin's Classical Influence >>

Famed record producer and legendary "Fifth Beatle" George Martin died last Tuesday, March 8th. Among the many remembrances of the musical icon, it's easy to gloss over the greatness of Martin's classical arrangement and composition work.

George Martin

George Martin Dies at Age 90 >>

It's a sobering thought to consider what popular music would be like without George Martin. He signed the Fab Four to his little Parlophone and helped to enrich and expand their sound. He gave them a chance and became the architect for the magic that was to come.Though they knew what they wanted to say, it was George Martin who helped bring out on record what John, Paul, George and Ringo had in their heads. We have lost George but not really. He is there always. Though he only lived to age 90, he will forever remain in our hearts and on our minds because he produced one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Miloš Karadaglić

'Blackbird - The Beatles Album': Classical Guitarist Miloš Karadaglić Compares Beatles to Bach >>

As a classical guitarist, Miloš Karadaglić was reared in the strict and serious tradition of Bach, Segovia, and other classical guitar masters. But there's a branch of modern music in which he experiences similar challenges and just as rewarding of an experience. His latest project, Blackbird - The Beatles Album, released on January 15th, 2016, reflects his BBC claim: that "the Beatles are as important as Bach" when it comes to western music canon. In comparing the Beatles to Bach (whose lute suites are some of the most challenging works for modern guitar), Miloš assured the BBC that he was "never worried" his Beatles project would become "something light - because I'm not light, nor is the music."

Alex Lacamoire

Alex Lacamoire, 'Hamilton' Music Mastermind Talks Ingredients Behind Musical Success >>

The paths traced in Broadway's smash hit, "Hamilton," are endless. Lin-Manuel Miranda's brainchild takes in the life and history of Alexander Hamilton but with its own added ingredients. With the music as one of those ingredients, so is Alex Lacamoire, the man who orchestrated the score and co-arranged the songs.

Mashup Masterclass

OUPblog Claims ‘Mashup Music’ is Performance, not Composition >>

Not to spark another "what is art?" debate, but OUPblog has put forth a striking allegation against 'mashup music', questioning the practice not just in terms of crediting the original artists, but even its status as a true composition. Using examples from prominent mashup artists, such as Danger Mouse's Grey Album mashup of Jay Z and Beatles tracks, OUPblog digs into the nature of what a mashup track really is, how it's being regarded in the music community, and the ongoing debate as to who takes the credit.

Freedom Fighter Neil Young and Street Wear 'Supreme' Team Up for New Marketing Campaign

Freedom Fighter Neil Young and Street Wear 'Supreme' Team Up for New Marketing Campaign >>

It seems that Joni Mitchell isn't the only one having a fashion moment. As of late, freedom fighter Neil Young has teamed up with street wear superstars Supreme as part of a new marketing campaign.

Bettye LaVette

REVIEW: Bettye LaVette Brings Café Carlyle to Tears with Old Songs from New Album 'Worthy' >>

When you walk into Café Carlyle, it's clear that not just anyone can take the stage. It has to be SOMEBODY. Most recently, that somebody was the Great Lady of Soul, herself, Bettye LaVette.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder to Be Honored in Grammy Award Tribute Concert >>

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder will be the focus of a televised Grammy tribute concert that will air one week after the 57th annual Grammy Awards in February. Titled "Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life," the tribute will feature what the Recording Academy has billed as "some of the biggest names in music today" performing his many hits and reflecting upon his legacy. The special will be two hours long and taped two days after the Grammys in Los Angeles and will air on CBS Feb. 16 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. The artists who will be featured in the tribute have yet to be announced, but it is to be expected that the show will include many performers and presenters who will appear at the awards show. Last year, the Grammys honored The Beatles in "The Beatles: The Night that Changed America," with performances from The Eurythmics, Alicia Keys and John Legend.

[WATCH] Bach to The Beatles: Paul McCartney Strums Classical Concerto and 'Blackbird' with Carlos Bonell for New Guitar Composition

WATCH: Paul McCartney Picks Classical Bach and 'Blackbird' with Carlos Bonell for New Guitar Concerto >>

It wouldn't be the first time the comparison is drawn--but Bach and The Beatles share an uncanny resemblance between the notes. Classes have been taught on Beethovenian consistencies with John, Paul, George and Ringo but McCartney now tells us the classical implication of the song "Blackbird."

Let It Be

Producers Seek New Fab Four for Hit Beatles Show 'Let It Be' on the West End >>

Wanted: Johns, Pauls, Georges and Ringos to replicate the authentic sound of The Beatles for audiences in the UK and Ireland.

New Beatles Game 'The Playing Beatles Backwards Devil Worship Quiz' Summons Satan Himself

New Beatles Game 'The Playing Beatles Backwards Devil Worship Quiz' Summons Satan Himself >>

The devil is in rock music. Yes, we've come to terms with this, we can surmise that Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads, Jim Morrison was a satanic shaman and playing a Beatles' record in reverse, obviously, summons Satan himself.

REVIEW: 'Boyhood,' Richard Linklater

REVIEW: Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette (and Richard Linklater, Of Course) Make 'Boyhood' Well Worth Your Time >>

The premise of 'Boyhood,' the much anticipated new feature from Richard Linklater, sounds simple enough: one boy, the state of Texas, over 12 years. In the opening shot, we see that little boy--no older than seven, say--sprawled out on Lone Star grass, his head towards the sky. And that's about all, folks.

Anzu Lawson

Broadway-Hopeful New Musical About John Lennon and Yoko Ono Seeking Funding >>

After a sold-out run at the Hollywood Fringe, 'Rock & Roll's Greatest Lovers' aims for bigger stages and the big screen.

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