EXCLUSIVE: Jonatha Brooke Leads Sing-a-Long at SubCulture, Brings 'My Mother Has Four Noses' and Others to Light [VIDEO]

By Ian Holubiak on Aug 18, 2014 02:48 PM EDT

While it may not be Jonatha Brooke's first time here on Classicalite, her most recent performance at SubCulture in lower Manhattan showcased the singer-songwriter-playwright in a different light.

With pieces of her mother still shining through, Brooke kept a packed house entertained and engaged for what felt like only minutes during her hour-long set.

She's been on here before, of course, dealing with her most recent Off-Broadway venture: My Mother Has Four Noses.

"Scars," indeed, Mrs. Brooke.

Tragedy and all, there's no denying that Brooke has a way with humor, too, woven into the fabric of her music. A penchant for the circus spectacle, maybe, but that's all because of her adoring mother.

Brooke led a three-piece band (Ben Butler on guitar, a wonderful accordion player named Gil Goldstein and some vocal training with Tiger Darrow on vocals and cello) and kept cool the entire show.

After forgetting a tuning and having a charming back and forth with some guy actually trying to instruct her from the crowd on how to use a tuner, she wasn't just a singer that night. By the end, she was everyone's dear friend.

It wasn't all My Mother and some change; no, it was anything JB wanted to do. This meant songs spanning her entire career, from "Tinkerbell" and beyond.

Luckily, I was able to pull out my iPhone 5 (sorry, not sorry) for a few minutes to get her leading a crowd of many in wonderful sing-a-long.

As per her Clite A.V. Club Q&A, keep an eye out for her musical Quadroon that should be coming very soon to NoLA.

You can catch the skinny on that whole thing during my interview below--or on JB's site here.

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