‘Walking Dead’ Norman Reedus Found Dead In Hotel Room: Daryl Dixon Drug Overdose Death Rumors Real or Fake [HOAX] [BUSTED] [TWITTER]

By James Knight on Aug 25, 2014 09:46 AM EDT

October is almost here and that means the new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is right around the corner. Just like the pumpkin spice flavoring, another season tradition is starting to make the rounds. If you have been on Facebook or Twitter over the last few days, than you may have been shocked to read that Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus was dead. According to the reports currently making the rounds, the actor was found dead in his hotel room from an apparent drug overdose suicide. Of course the context of this story should tell you that these reports are not true. In fact, as will tell you, death and or fired hoax’s about Reedus tend to pop up each year.

Rest easy Walking Dead-Heads, Daryl Dixon is not dead, or fired, or likely any other unsettling report you may have heard about him lately. Norman Reedus’s popularity on The Walking Dead makes him an easy target for hoaxers.

Some variant of the Norman Reedus death/fired hoax will likely be found on your Facebook feed anytime The Walking Dead is in the news. The hoax became extremely popular following the fourth season finale of The Walking Dead, as Snopes reports:

“Shortly after the airing of the fourth season finale of AMC's popular zombie-themed TV drama The Walking Dead on 30 March 2014, an event that drew an estimated audience of 15.7 million viewers, word began to circulate that actor Norman Reedus, who portrays the character of Daryl Dixon in that show, had just been fired after a disagreement with producers and would be replaced in his role by another actor in the upcoming season. “

Would you be upset of Norman Reedus was really written off The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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