Jameis Winston Extortion Claims False, Says Rape Accuser- Winston Returns to Football Field After Suspension

By Drew Jacobs on Sep 29, 2014 12:46 AM EDT

Jameis Winston's attorney reportedly sent a letter to Florida State University claiming that the woman accusing him of rape tried to extort Winston. However, the accuser's attorney says that's false. In fact, they say that Winston's camp reached out to offer a settlement first. Winston, meanwhile, made his return to the football field after his one-game suspension last week.

In an effort to control the media, perhaps, Jameis Winston's lawyer David Cornwell sent a letter to FSU trying to paint Jameis Winston's accuser as a gold digger. This would go a long way towards undermining her credibility.

However, Patricia Carroll, the accuser's attorney, says that there are some details missing from that letter (via TMZ):

"Now, the accuser's attorneys claim Cornwell left out a few things. In a statement they say Cornwell 'reached out to our client's former counsel Patricia Carroll to discuss paying off our client.' The attorneys also claim Cornwell told Carroll 'your client likes to (expletive) football players.'"

Until that situation resolves itself, Winston is still a football player. He returned to action last night, throwing for 365 yards to lead FSU to a 56-41 comeback victory.

Winston said it was good to be back, where he can pretend the real world doesn't exist (via New York Times):

"There's no pressure on the football field. It's a sanctuary, man. You step in between those lines, whenever you're in between those lines, it's all that matters."

There's nothing good about this situation, really. If Winston is guilty of rape, he deserves the harshest punishment possible, but if he is innocent, then the epidemic of rape culture will be stronger than ever because idiots will point to this high-profile case and claim that all women who come forward are liars.

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