Ted Hearne's 'The Source' to Premiere at Brooklyn Academy of Music on October 22, 'Law of Mosaics' Release November 4

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Oct 09, 2014 10:11 PM EDT

Ted Hearne's latest work, The Source, is based on Chelsea Manning's release of government documents to Wikileaks. The multimedia oratorio piece was commissioned and produced by Beth Morrison Projects and features a libretto by Mark Doten with direction by Daniel Fish, production design by Jim Findlay and video design by Findlay and Fish.

The piece is set to premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Fisher (Fishman Space) as part the Next Wave festival on October 22 and runs through October 25.

Doten’s libretto is comprised of a mixture of the classified military documents leaked to Wikileaks and the chat logs between Manning and former hacker Adrian Lamo; also known as the Manning Lamo Chat Logs.

Mellissa Hughes, Samia Mounts, Jonathan Woody and Isaiah Robinson provide the vocals for the evening altered by Auto-Tune to create a duet effect. Instrumentalists involved in the visual and sonic installation include Courtney Orlando on violin, Anne Lanzilotti on viola, Leah Coloff on cello, Taylor Levine on guitar, Greg Chudzik on bass, Ron Wiltrout on drums, and Nathan Koci on keys.

"I think of this use of Auto-Tune as a reflection of the self, sometimes through a screen or through endless data, sometimes as neutralized by the distance between here and Iraq, sometimes as the person we (or Manning) would be if we could play the role we were expected to,” said Hearne.

Watch out for the November 4 release of Law of Mosaics with A Far Cry, Boston's self-directed orchestra and Ted Hearne and Andrew Norman. The record will be released on the ensemble's house label, Crier Records.

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