It's Showtime! NYC's Underground Dancers Given a Larger Voice in the New Documentary 'Litefeet'

By Ian Holubiak on Feb 04, 2015 08:34 PM EST

In recent posts here on Classicalite, I've cited NYC's "Showtime" subway dancers — though the term may be lost on some of our readers. Now, a new documentary, Litefeet, not only illustrates my point but gives you insight to an ever-budding underground dance culture in the city.

A normal New Yorker is accustomed to this faux-intrusion of "in your face" dancing and breaking. When you see (usually in groups of three) youths walking through your car with a boom box, you know what's to ensue, and it's usually incited with a very audible, very distinct phrase: It's Showtime!

As the video notes, many of these dancers aren't doing it for the glamour (although that is certainly a goal of most artists) but to support themselves even if its just a measly few bucks. Nine-to-5s may not cut it for these kids — they want their art to support them like they support their art.

There's no room on the subway for self-concerned out-of-owners who are annoyed by their space being invaded. When you're around it you start to see the dancing as a little piece of culture that is recognizing itself as a true art form — thus, you enjoy it.

And as part of a new "broken windows" policy, the NYPD is cracking down on its unique homebred talent — a policy which performers and onlookers alike feel is overly "harsh."

So here's to the young ones, may your feet never stop moving.

And until the film debuts, check out the trailer below.

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