‘Today’ Show Matt Lauer and Wife Annette Roque Divorce after GMA Lara Spencer Cheating Rumors Surface? [GOSSIP NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Feb 23, 2015 09:44 PM EST

Despite never truly getting caught with his pants dance, Today show co-host, Matt Lauer, can't seem to ever shake the rumors that he is a serial womanizer. According to the latest gossip news updates, Lauer's wife, Anne Roque is ready to divorce the philanderer once again after rumors that her husband was lusting after Good Morning America cast member, Lara Spencer, began to surface. It seems that Ellen DeGeneres even knows that Lauer is into a bit of the kink -- airing a 50 Shades of Grey parody video wherein Matt wears nothing more than few S&M bondage straps. Co-anchor Savanah Guthrie even got into the act by posting a pair of handcuff -- reportedly from the Lauer's desk -- to Instagram.

If it isn't one early morning talk show host it another, that Matt Lauer is being accused of trying to sleep with in the endless barrage of tabloid speculation.

A source told the National Enquirer that Matt's wife, Annette, knows that he has been pining after his Good Morning America, Lara Spencer, rival for years, and she isn't at all happy about it:

"[Annette] always suspected Matt has a crush on Lara...Matt just lights up whenever Lara is around, and they seem to share a lot of laughs.

"Annette will go out of her way to avoid Lara on the social circuit, but she keeps her eye on Matt -- for obvious reasons."

According to the informant, Lara Spencer isn't the only one that Annette Roque no longer trusts; Matt's poor wife allegedly has to cast a suspicious eye on any and every women that he might even get the chance of bedding.

When the bitter cold snap in January reportedly prompted producers to put the cast up and the nearby Four Seasons hotel to prevent any difficulties with the commute, Annette is rumored to have almost had an aneurysm:

"Annette wasn't happy about that, and ordered Matt to stay in their apartment.

"If he had to walk extra blocks in the cold, she didn't care!

"There was no way Annette was going to have Matt staying in the same hotel as co-host Natalie Morales."

While Ellen DeGeneres didn't sink so low as to poke fun at Matt supposed infidelities, her writers definitely seemed to be hinting at something when it CGIed Matt a 50 Shades of Grey inspired "outfit" that would have made the gimp from Pulp Fiction blush in a recent video for the show (via Today):

 "The Today show has been showing exclusive clips of the movie for the past 2-weeks, and they have been interviewing the stars...and boy are they getting into it.

"I was watching this morning...and Matt Lauer...well, just take a look."

Who knew they allowed that kind of thing to go in the Four Seasons.

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