Star Wars: A Petition Exists That Wants to Make George Lucas the Director of Episode 9, Why?

By Brad Repka on Jan 11, 2016 04:34 PM EST

Disney wasted no time setting out to hire some of the most popular directors for their new Star Wars films, but there is one film that is under attack. There has been a recent petition that seeks to replace one of the new directors, Colin Trevorrow.

Why on earth would fans of Star Wars be out to get rid of Colin Trevorrow as the director of Episode 9? Fans were not overly ecstatic about J.J. Abrams directing The Force Awakens, and that film is the biggest film of all time. Each one of these directors will come to the film and bring something a little different. The second biggest film of 2015 was Jurassic World, and whether you liked it or not, it did with Jurassic Park what Abrams and Star Wars The Force Awakens did for Star Wars.

Jurassic World wasn't perfect, but it reinvigorated a film franchise that was on its last legs. The film appealed to every child full of wonder and every adult wanting to relive a little piece of nostalgia from their childhood. The film wasn't groundbreaking, and it really didn't give us a new stance with the franchise, but one thing it did do was be successful, and it managed to be entertaining. Any critic on the globe should have seen this coming, through all of the flaw they felt that the film had.

As soon as the news hit that Trevorrow would be the director of Star Wars Episode IX, there has been a large group of fans that are crying foul. They do have some concerns, although I tend to lean on the side of hope, there is a chance that this film will just do the same thing that Jurassic World did. This is not what Star Wars needs. This is the third film in the new series of Star Wars films, and cannot just appeal to everyone's nostalgia. That is what J.J. Abrams did with The Force Awakens.

According to Bleeding Cool, one angry fan in Brazil has decided to start a petition on, asking Disney and Lucasfilm to get rid of Trevorrow and bring back George Lucas for the film. This petition goes on to say that the party has no issue with Trevorrow other than the fact that he is not right for the job. Yuri Luiz, urges Disney and Lucasfilm to reconsider bring the Father of Star Wars back to the franchise. The petition is sitting at 17,200 signatures and counting.

I do not support this move. After all of the things that George Lucas has said about the direction of these films, and the way that he treated the original trilogy with revisions was slanderous. He hates Star Wars now. This is a sad time. He has turned against the fans of this franchise, saying that he does not wish to be a part of Star Wars after the fan backlash he received in the wake of the prequel films. Unfortunately Lucas is failing to realize that the story and the effects in the films were horrible. Canon was bypassed, and essentially everything that made the original trilogy great was ignored.

Fans may want Lucas back, but his most recent comments about Disney and The Force Awakens will do little bring him back. He may be the father of the franchise, but he is jaded, and is a risky move that could backfire in Disney's face. Lucas is done with Star Wars, and the fans should embrace that, after all, it might be the best thing that could have ever happened.

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