Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Divorce: Talks Dating and Daughter Bryn After Low Ratings [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 29, 2013 12:49 PM EST

There has been another major update in the divorce of Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. The former reality TV star recently opened up about dating and her daughter Bryn, after receiving her lowest ratings yet.

2013 has not been a great year for Bethenny Frankel. Not only is she dealing with abysmal ratings, but she is also undergoing an incredibly messy divorce from her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy.

Frankel recently sat down with Us Weekly, where she discussed her divorce. Turns out it is much harder than even she anticipated:

"Divorces are like ice cream, there are a lot of different flavors. Some can be very amicable, and some can be very peaceful and easy, and some can be really brutal. I honestly did not have any idea how difficult in the very least it can be...I'm very straightforward," she said. "[But] people probably know about 10 percent of the story and I can't share the story."

Bethenny went on to discuss what it was like dating after ending her marriage to Jason. The talk show host compared the task to getting food poisoning:

"It's like having food poisoning and not wanting to eat again. In theory it sounds somewhat appetizing, but in reality it just doesn't seem all that interesting to me."

Her divorce isn’t the only thing Frankel finds herself contending with. She’s also fighting a losing war when it comes to the ratings. Last week, she ranked number 14, which is nearly as bad as it could possibly be. Some have suggested that it’s due to Frankel constantly discussing the details of her divorce. According to a source who spoke with Radar Online:

“Ellen wants Bethenny to stop yakking about the divorce because there is a public perception that she’s to blame for the split. Jason is very sympathetic figure--a doting dad--and quite frankly, many of Bethenny’s viewers and fans don’t understand why she dumped him. Whenever Bethenny opines about how hard the divorce has been on her and bemoans that Jason wasn’t the love of her life, viewers turn the channel. This is one of the major factors contributing to Bethenny’s very weak ratings.”

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