Tom Hiddleston ‘Sherlock’ Cast Rumors After Benedict Cumberbatch Replacement & Season 4 2016 Delay

By James Knight on Apr 18, 2014 12:54 AM EDT

If fans love anything more than they love Sherlock, it’s Tom Hiddleston. However, they might not have to choose between the two for much longer. It has been rumored that Hiddleston, who recently replaced Benedict Cumberbatch in Crimson Peak might be joining the cast of the series in Season 4, however, that is still a long time away. It is looking more and more like we will not be seeing the show delayed until 2016.

Recently, during a fan Q&A in Brazil, Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss commented on Tom Hiddleston casting rumors, telling fans:

"Tom would be wonderful in Sherlock, I'm sure, but he only does movies now. What can I say? I'll ask him if you like."

However, he went on to imply that it might not happen, adding:

"Well it's an internet rumor so it must be true. We might as well just wait and see what happens.

The waiting is the hardest part. It is looking like fans will not be able to see new episodes of Sherlock until 2016.

Sherlock producer and writer, Steven Moffat, recently spoke with IGN about when to expect Series 4:

"I have no idea...Sue's working on the schedules right now...If people have to wait two years, they'll have to wait two years.”

The mystery still remains if the show will ever see a Season 5. Mark Gatiss also spoke about the issue, at an event by the Royal Television Society, telling reporters:

"The idea of growing older with it would be great. But it is hard to get everyone back together, because they have become extremely famous--except for us."

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