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Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Remembering Frank Zappa’s Later Classical Works: Symphonies and Synclavier >>

Pioneering composer and performer Frank Zappa was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1990. In the last years of his life, the musician set about writing and performing some of the most challenging and rewarding works of his entire career.

Frank Zappa ca. 1969

Definitive Frank Zappa Documentary by Alex Winter on the Horizon >>

Filmmaker Alex Winter has taken to Kickstarter to fund the definitive documentary on prodigious performer Frank Zappa. Granted unprecedented access to Zappa's archives, the director hopes to document the idiosyncratic icon for future generations.

'All You Can Eat

REVIEW: Slivovitz, 'All You Can Eat,' MoonJune Records >>

For those who like their meals overflowing with flavor, spices, sumptuous mounds of mashed and smashed morsels all congealing to create a scientific gumbo of taste like never before, this Italian septet from Naples called Slivovitz must have gorged itself on Frank Zappa records before recording 'All You Can Eat' (MoonJune Records).

Indianapolis Colts Chief Exec Buys Les Paul's 'Black Beauty' for Low-Price of $335,500

Indianapolis Colts Chief Exec Buys Les Paul's 'Black Beauty' for Low Price of $335,500 >>

Perhaps one of the most important electric guitars in history, Les Paul's authentic Black Beauty 6-string sole for a surprising $335,500 at an auction in New York. The buyer was none other than the owner and chief executive of the Indianapolis Colts.

Kent Nagano

Conductor Kent Nagano Talks California Surfing, WWII Internment, Messiaen Internship, Not Speaking Japanese and Frank Zappa >>

"Nearly every child I knew surfed because there's no admission to the sea." -- Kent Nagano

Make a Puss Noise Here: New, Hybrid Acne-Causing Bacteria, P. Acnes Zappae, Named After Frank Zappa >>

How fitting for the late Frank Zappa to maintain his legacy of genre-bending fukitol by having his name attached to an acne-causing bacteria. Said bacterial name: P. Acnes Zappae. And like the Barking Pumpkin, himself, it's a unique strain able to transmit itself from human to, well, grapevines.

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