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Muddy Waters

Eric Krasno

REVIEW: Eric Krasno, 'Blood From A Stone,' Feel Music Group >>

Eric Krasno's 'Blood From A Stone' (Feel Music Group) rocks righteously on its merry way through funky blues, R'n'B, Americana and what you might call Instant Classic Rock. It's a collaborative effort between he and his main man Dave Gutter who holed up in Gutter's Maine barn to write, record and listen to The Bobby Blue Bland Blues Band's 1974 'Dreamer' and the controversial-in-'68 'Electric Mud' by Muddy Waters.

Jane Lee Hooker

REVIEW: Jane Lee Hooker, 'No B!,' Ruf Records >>

When Muddy Waters claimed his manhood on "Mannish Boy" in 1955 by shouting "No B," he was talkin' 'bout how boyhood left him long ago. The Brooklyn ladies in Jane Lee Hooker also say 'No B!' Their Ruf Records debut of the same name is revelatory.

Bob Margolin

Bob Margolin's Travels Have Resulted in the Great Stories of 'My Road' [REVIEW] >>

Guitarist, composer and vocalist (in that order) Bob Margolin has played on the biggest stages of the world during his half-century career as a top blues sideman and solo artist. Seven years in the Muddy Waters band from 1973 to 1979-both in the studio and on the road-brought him to The Band's Last Waltz and Chicago's legendary Chess Records. Travel 'My Road' (Steady Rollin' Records/VizzTone Label Group) with a guy like Margolin and you're sure to get three chords and the truth.

Zac Harmon

REVIEW: Zac Harmon is the 'Right Man Right Now' (Blind Pig) >>

In Zac Harmon's case, the little girls (at least as the song goes) understand. He's certainly not Mr. Right but he is Mr. Right Now and he wants to seduce your daughter...or your wife. Danger, ever since Jerry Lee Lewis, has always been implicit in the best rock'n'roll and when it comes to the Zac man, he will rock and roll all over you, mister, and you will like it. I sure do. Technically, he's a blues man but on 'Right Man Right Now,' released on Blind Pig Records, he throws categories to the four winds and lets 'em blow.

Bob Malone

REVIEW: Bob Malone Channels 'Mojo Deluxe' on Eighth Solo CD >>

In the spiritual folk tradition known as hoodoo, a mojo is a flannel bag (also known as a mojo hand or gris-gris) that, if you carry it with you, gives you certain magical powers over others. Ask Dr. John. He knows all about mojo. So did Muddy Waters who had his mojo working! Hollywood keyboardist singer/songwriter Bob Malone's 'Mojo Deluxe' album spreads the magic over 12 tracks.

Muddy 100

REVIEW: 'Muddy Waters 100,' (Raisin' Music Records) >>

Muddy Waters didn't get to celebrate his centennial but his band plus producer Johnny Winter certainly does, gathering some of today's blues stars on 15 Muddy classics performed both traditionally and with modern eclecticism on 'Muddy 100.'

The Last of the Delta Blues: Photographer Lou Bopp Captures the Last of a Dying Breed in Mississippi

The Last of the Delta Blues: Photographer Lou Bopp Captures the Last of a Dying Breed in Mississippi >>

When traveling to the Mississippi Delta to find blues musicians, photographer Lou Bopp didn't realize the kind of characters he'd find. While some won't venture too far into the boondocks, Bopp found some of the last musicians still classified as Mississippi Delta Blues -- and he even took some pictures.

This Land is Their Land: Alan Lomax's Presto K8 Returns Via New Web Series 'The 78 Project,' Premieres in March at SXSW >>

You'll recall that Alan Lomax began his tour of the United States in the 1940s. He set out with a Presto Model K8 recording machine--a 78 r.p.m. direct-to-disc field recorder--in hopes of archiving regional music from around the nation and, ultimately, the globe. Alex Steyermark, a director and music supervisor for films, and music journalist Lavinia Jones-Wright acquired a K8 machine in 2010 and set out on a similar path that Lomax did.

Blues Clues: Mississippi Teacher Chevonne Dixon Uses the Delta Sound for Reading, Writing and Arithmetic >>

Fourth graders at Tunica Elementary in Mississippi are being taught the blues to learn about rhyme and rhythm, essentials for exploring young creative minds.

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