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New York City

Broadway's 'Hamilton' Receives Kennedy Prize for Historical American Drama

Is ‘Hamilton’ Non-Whites Casting Call Racist? >>

Recently, 'Hamilton' announced that they were seeking for the upcoming tour. However, the casting notice they put out is not sitting well with some. The ad, seeking non-white performance, may be in violation of New York City Human Rights Law. Could Hamilton’s casting call be seen as racist?

Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington Brings the Jazz to the NYC >>

Coming or going, LA based saxophonist Kamasi Washington can do no wrong at the moment. One of the hottest names in jazz at the moment, Washington has put together quite a string of commercial and critical successes that have sent his career rocketing into overdrive. Washington brought the buzz .and the jazz recently back to New York City to showcase to the 1400 gathered what it is and, if it's not, why it should be.

Elton John being interviewed by Mike Greenblatt in 1980.

BLOGARRHEA: A Life Lost on the Upper West Side of NYC and a Goodbye to My Friend Pam >>

Meet Pam -- She lived in a cluttered apartment on the Upper West Side with two cats and cockroaches galore. The ashtrays were overflowing with dead butts. There was never any food in the fridge. I once photographed her with Guns N' Roses' drummer, Steven Adler. She put the picture in a frame on her wall and told people that Adler visited her in the hospital. She cried a lot, saying she had no life, and she was sick most of the time.

Watch P.J. Byrne and More Talk New HBO Series 'Vinyl' and Original Soundtrack

Watch P.J. Byrne and More Talk New HBO Series 'Vinyl' and Original Soundtrack >>

New York City in the 1970s was a playing ground for new artists. Around the time the New York Dolls could co-exist with Led Zeppelin was also a ruthless music business caught in the maelstrom of the up-and-coming disco, punk and alternative scenes. Vinyl, a new series coming to HBO Feb. 14 starring Bobby Cannavale and P.J. Byrne, examines the business back in the day and what shaped the sphere of music to be via the streets and underground of NYC.

EXCLUSIVE Grammy-Winning Violin and Composer Mark O'Connor Talks 'O'Connor Method,' American Music and His Summer Camp

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Mark O'Connor >>

Mark O'Connor has allotted himself the time and patience to craft an entire new perspective on American string education. A Grammy-winning composer and violin virtuoso, his ability to revolutionize an entire genre of performance teaching is unfettered. And he brings his methods to New York City for a summer camp program devoted specifically devoted to his teachings this summer.

New Five-Borough Style

New Five-Borough Style "Bone Breaking" Contorts the Belief That Dancing is Singular >>

While it may look like a unique special effect straight out of a horror film, the New York City-inspired dance technique of "bone breaking" isn't as painful as it looks. Actually, the dance has become a popular style across the five boroughs and is now a force of habit for all that participate.

Alice Barker, 102-Year-Old Harlem Renaissance Dancer, Watches Herself on the Chorus Line

Alice Barker, 102-Year-Old Harlem Renaissance Dancer, Watches Herself on the Chorus Line >>

While many of us forget how accessible our lives are in the digital age, a Harlem Renaissance dancer is figuring out the merits of Google-ing herself. Alice Barker, 102, has just now witnessed herself, for the first time, on camera.

Feels So Good: Flugelhorn Virtuoso Chuck Mangione Releases Limited Edition 'My Funny Valentine' LP Gift Set >>

The great American fugelhorn player, Chuck Mangione, creator of the 1977 smash jazz-pop single "Feels So Good" is set to releases an LP just in time for the lover's holiday.

The Art of the Hang: Tommy Womack Talks His Nashville Manual for Stardom to Oxford American >>

Let's change gears for a second. In fact, let's hop on another train and take it further south, from the Big Apple to Music City, Tenn. Yes, I am speaking of none other than the heel-toe clicking Nashville--city of lights, dreams and music.

Grammy-Winning Artist: Herb Alpert's 'Spirit Totems' Unveiling in New York's Dante Park Come March >>

There is something tremendous about being an artist. The idea of "art"--as a figurative umbrella--can be posited into music, onto canvas or sculpted 16 feet above one's head. And yet, it's that lattermost idea which will soon be postulated by eight-time Grammy winner Herb Alpert, who has a new collection of sculptures set to unveil in New York City's Dante Park at West 64th Street.

New York City Landmarking Miles Davis' Upper West Side Brownstone >>

Later today, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission will honor Miles Davis' townhouse at an official Medallion Ceremony.

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