5 Challenges America will Face If Republican Candidate Donald Trump Becomes President

By Anthony Massey on Dec 11, 2015 11:39 PM EST

With the presidential primaries coming up in just a few months, Republican candidate Donald Trump maintains significant leads in many polls. If Trump becomes president, America will face challenges in five key areas.

The first of these is international relations. Trump is well known for controversial comments involving foreign nations, ranging from claiming Mexico will pay for building a wall along the border to threatening to bring the fight against ISIS to terrorists' families. With incendiary rhetoric such as this, peaceful, diplomatic solutions to conflicts around the world will likely take a back seat to aggressive action, whether this merely involves economic sanctions or stretches to military action. Whatever the case, if Trump's actions during his campaign are anything to go by, it's unlikely foreign powers, friend of foe, will respond positively to his attitude.

Another challenge America might face would be discrimination. While it's currently an issue in the forefront with police shootings, racial profiling, and other incidents, Trump has done nothing to alleviate the issues, but rather has incited the controversy. Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the country. He's indicated that Muslims should be registered by the government. He's likened his actions to those of President Franklin Roosevelt, responsible for the imprisonment of thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II, most of whom were United States Citizens. The government later acknowledged that the internment camps were wrong. Racism and religious discrimination, while a sad part of American history, is something we are and should be moving away from, not towards.

The next issue is political unrest in the country. In a recent incident, Trump supporters beat a protester  in the crowd. According to the Huffington Post, "Donald Trump approves of the way his supporters responded to a Black Lives Matter protester, reportedly beating him during a Saturday rally in Birmingham, Alabama."  Now imagine what might happen if Congress continually voted down resolutions Trump supports? Or worse yet, were Congress to impeach him for actions he takes down the road if Trump became president? And not only would there be issues from Trump's side, but also from those opposed to him. Riots are becoming more commonplace, and generally any time there's a news story about a police shooting, I expect riots to follow.

The fourth challenge would be the economy. While Trump has built a business empire, a business is significantly different from a country. Most businesses do spend money on security or charity, but America spends significant amounts on protection, both foreign and domestic, as well as social programs, whether education or welfare. Cutting costs in any of these areas will cause staunch opposition, and not the kind that can simply be fired, outsourced, or taken to another buyer/seller. Trump's business experience might  be useful to him, but running a business is significantly different from running a country. Worse, Trump's business aren't exactly the most successful. According to CNN, he '"has filed four business bankruptcies, which says makes Trump the top filer in recent decades. All of them were centered around casinos he used to own in Atlantic City." America can't afford to file bankruptcy in order to reduce its debt and become solvent.

The last challenge America will face is confidence. If Trump were to be elected, significant portions of the populace would feel ostracized, whether it be liberals, moderates, racial minorities, or religious groups. Groups that do not feel represented are less likely to trust the government to solve their needs. They are less likely to turn to the authorities to solve problems. They will not believe in the system. It's hard enough as it is. Whatever the case, and whoever is elected, there will always be challenges and difficulties. However, Trump is likely to cause more problems than he will solve.

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