Bob Dylan's Christmas Lights Criticize Slowing of GDP, Gives New Perspective on Singer

By Ian Holubiak on Dec 17, 2015 01:46 PM EST
Bob Dylan Mural Painted In Minneapolis Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra and his team paint a 60 foot by 150 foot mural of musician Bob Dylan on the side of a building on August 28, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the next two weeks, Kobra and his team of three Brazilian artists and two from Minnesota, will finish the painting of Dylan, a Minnesota native. (Photo : Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

In this year’s installment of “Bob Dylan’s Christmas Lights: An Introspective” Merrill Markoe analyzes what Dylan actually means by his seasonal décor. This year, however, Mr. Dylan has purchased new lights, which is obviously a remarkable new detail in the saga and perhaps even a contrast to the slowing of the GDP, adding new perspective on the singer.

Chock it up to what you want, but this running segment -- which has become a holiday piece for Vice since 2014 -- is most likely an ironic metaphor about his critics. No one has been able to peg who or what Bob Dylan is, or what he thinks of himself, and that has forced historians, critics, enthusiasts and the likes to search high and low for an answer.

It has become so desperate that a columnist even went through Mr. Dylan’s trash to find a clue (but what he found was, actually, a vicious phone call from the musician himself).

If it’s not in the trash then it must be in the lights -- the Christmas lights to be exact.

Perhaps the position and movement of the lights is a slight against the lack of progression of the GDP. Seriously, follow me on this, as Markoe writes:

“An analysis of the first big stretch of lights offers still more proof that Dylan continues to work in meticulous layers. As clearly depicted in the wide shot below, we see that what at first glance might appear to be merely a random seasonal decoration is in fact a painstakingly hung recreation of both the slowing of the GDP and the dramatic dip in nonfarm employment growth in Minnesota, the state in which Mr. Dylan was born. Once again, nothing gets by Bob.”

Who knows if Dylan has any control of the lights or if this is even Dylan’s house to begin with. Perhaps it is all an elaborate game played by Dylan after he noticed Markoe's articles?  And yet, it does not seem to matter a it’s become a topic of a much larger debate.

Regardless, check out what Markoe has to say and watch the newly surfaced video of “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues,” which has never-before-seen unearthed content.

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