Lou Diamond Phillips' Play 'Burning Desire' Makes Debut

By Thomas Swan on Mar 10, 2016 12:25 AM EST

Lou Diamond Phillips' career has somehow for decades now managed to avoid the death knell. No matter how many times it has looked as if the end were near, he has managed to rebound and go in a different direction. The new Lou Diamond Phillips is a Tony Award Nominee and, now, a playwright as well. His play, Burning Desire is set to debut at the Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, Ct. Once again, Phillips' career is alive and healthy.

Phillips has been developing the play for a long time now. Refining it and making it ready for its inevitable premiere. In his spare time, while performing in The King and I, Phillips worked on the script and readied the project. The play has begun its run and Phillips is settling into his role as Lucifer in his modern day tale of Adam and Eve.

In an interview with TheaterMania, the actor described the plot of his play, "It's basically the tale of a modern-day Adam and Eve who are granted true love by the Devil. When I say Adam and Eve, I basically mean an innocent young couple. The most interesting twist of the play is that if there is a balance to the universe, a heaven and a hell, a God and a Satan, then Lucifer has half the responsibility for love. But obviously when he gives somebody love, he has a much different agenda. It's all about the hopeless heartbroken romantic who would sell his soul for true love. "

The reviews are absolutely gushing about the play and Phillips and everyone is in agreement. Lou Diamond Phillips' talent has beeh under appreciated for too long. The Trumbull Times notes, " Lou Diamond Phillps has managed to do what many poets, artists, and musicians have tried in vain to do. He has captured the very essence of true love, dressed it up, put it in the spotlight and let the whole world see it as it is. It burns and it burns bright and hot."

I guess we should never count him out. Lou Diamond Phillips is here to stay.

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