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Dolph Ziggler Beats Cesaro To Hold Onto The IC Belt- Match of the Year? >>

The "Show Off" Dolph Ziggler beat the Swiss Superman Cesaro in a 2-out-of-3 falls match to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler won two falls in a row, surprising many fans who generally assume that a 2/3 falls match will go the whole nine yards. Many announcers and commentators predicted it to be a contender for match of the year, and it may well win that distinction.

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Terry Bridgewater Claims Second NFL Win, Thanks to Anthony Barr's Forced Fumble and Recovery For Touchdown >>

Quarterback Terry Bridgewater is showing signs of improvement. Yesterday the rookie out of Louisville won his second NFL game since taking over for the injured Matt Cassel. Bridgewater got by with a little help from his friends on defense. After sending the game into overtime, Bridgewater's teammate, linebacker Anthony Barr stripped tight end Austin Seferian Jenkins and recovered the ball and returned it for a touchdown, thus beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-13.

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Jacksonville's Got the Rookie Quarterback Blues >>

Miami quarterback Ryan Tanehill wasn't happy with his team's performance today. He felt the Dolphins' offense played poorly. But thankfully, a superb effort by the defense and a mistake-riddled offering from Jacksonville's rookie QB Blake Bortles, Miami came out on top, beating the Jaguars 27-13. Among Bortles' many costly errors were two interceptions, both returned for touchdowns.

Tom Brady

The Gronk and Brady Show is Back, Y'all! >>

After a serious rough patch early on this season, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are back on top. They took their turn beating up on the hapless Chicago Bears this week, crushing them 51-23 and extending their win streak to 4 games. Tom Brady, whom everyone was writing off after a slow start, silenced critics (for now) with 5 touchdown passes, including 3 to tight end Rob Gronkowski.

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Cincinnati Wins First Place In AFC North After Andy Dalton QB Sneak >>

As the weather begins to cool off, and the NFL season starts to heat up, the AFC North is proving to be a stiff battleground. While the Baltimore Ravens have the best overall record in their division, Cincinnati has secured first place by virtue of their 2-0 division record, both wins coming at the hands of the Ravens. Yesterday's action-packed contest came down to the wire as Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton took the lead late in the fourth quarter on a QB Sneak. Joe Flacco connected with Steve Smith for the winning touchdown, but was flagged for offensive pass interference. Baltimore lost 27-24.

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Lions Comeback Win at Wembley Stadium Saw Atlanta Lose Biggest Lead In Team History >>

As the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons took their American Football across the sea to play an NFL game on International soil, no one could have possibly scripted the outcome. The game, which was played at Wembley Stadium in London, England, was possibly one of the most dramatic finishes in professional sports. After leading 21-0 at halftime, Detroit mounted a surprising comeback win in the final seconds of the game. Ironically, the game-winning kick was made possible after a Lions' penalty allowed for a retry after kicker Matt Prater missed the first one.

Ray Rice

Adrian Peterson Halloween Costumes Already Making a Splash at Parties >>

For much of the country, the revelation of NFL stars such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson being caught abusing their family members was a sickening reminder of the dark side of human emotion. Yet, it seems, for others it is just another news story to lampoon and laugh at. This weekend, some disgusting individuals decided to attend Halloween parties dressed as Ray Rice dragging his fiancée behind him or Adrian Peterson beating his child. These costumes not only mock the victims of these heinous crimes, but the seriousness of domestic violence as a part of our aggressive culture.

Hope Solo

Hope Solo Domestic Violence Trial Overshadows 3-0 Qualifying Win Over Mexico >>

The US Women's Team easily qualified for next year's World Cup Tournament with a shutout win over Mexico. America's 3-0 victory saw goalie Hope Solo secure shutout #76, while her biggest challenge to date may not involve soccer at all. On November 4, Solo will stand trial for two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence. In the meantime, Solo and her teammates and coaches at Team USA say she's innocent until proven guilty.

Michael Jordan

Can Lance Stephenson Thrive in Charlotte Under the Tutelage of Michael Jordan >>

According to Lance Stephenson, if he had his way he'd still be in Indiana. However, the feeling, it seems, was not mutual. When Stephenson became a free agent, the Pacers apparently forced him to make a quick decision, and there wasn't a lot of meat on the table. So he left the temple of Larry Bird and enrolled instead in Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets squad. The Pacers may come to regret their decision not to fight for Lance, but they seemed to do alright without him last Thursday night in head to head preseason competition with the Hornets.

John Cena

John Cena Versus Randy Orton: With No Title In the Picture, Super Cena Should Put Orton Over >>

John Cena seems to be entering a transitional phase in his wrestling career. Known for much of his time in WWE as an unbeatable babyface, Cena is getting to the age where he ought to start paying it forward. What better time to start than tonight at Hell in a Cell? Randy Orton, a talented wrestler with no real direction, has been experiencing a bit of a pop thanks to the viral RKO Vines. Since there's no title picture as long as Brock Lesnar holds the belt, what's the harm in having Cena put Orton over tonight? Super Cena has to die someday, and what better place to squash his tired comeback gimmick than inside a steel cage?

Oscar Pistorius

Did Lolo Jones Defend Killer Oscar Pistorius? >>

Track star Lolo Jones was caught at LAX recently by a TMZ reporter when she gave a surprising answer to a question about South African runner Oscar Pistorius. Jones responded with a confession that her father was sent to prison for murder, so she felt conflicted about Pistorius being sentenced to 5 years for killing his girlfriend. She says there's two sides to every story. One story, however, that Jones hasn't spoken publicly about is the rumors that she was dating Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

San Francisco Giants

World Series Living Up to The Hype This Year: Royals and Giants Tied 2-2 >>

The 2014 World Series has hardcore baseball fans as well as casual spectators excited this October. In fact, the entire playoffs has had a palpable buzz that one can almost feel in the air. Culminating in a rare Championship series between two wildcard teams, the Series is tied at 2-2 as of last night. The Giants pounded the Royals, continuing the trend of blowouts (three of the four games have been decided by five runs or more. As San Francisco and Kansas City take turns pummeling each other, fans are sitting at the edge of their seats.

AJ Lee

Are Total Divas Cast Members Banned From Winning the Title? [RUMORS] >>

This month two stars of E! Channel's Total Divas made some pretty heavy allegations on the radio. Cameron, formerly of the Funkadactyls, and twin sensation Nikki Bella have both claimed recently that there is an unwritten rule that cast members of Total Divas can't hold the Divas Title. The rumor is that Vince McMahon won't allow it because of the discrepancy of the timelines. However, Stephanie McMahon flatly denied the rumors and in fact said the show and WWE shows would benefit from a cast member holding the championship.

CM Punk

CM Punk Merchandise Removed From 2K15 Game? >>

It appears that former WWE Superstar CM Punk's ring entrance in the WWE 2K15 video game has been altered slightly. According to Wrestle Zone, the Best in the World's hoodie is blank and CM Punk signs were removed from the entrance. Likely the removal of merchandise has to do with the ongoing dispute between Punk and the WWE since his unceremonious departure. Speaking of which, the retired wrestler has cut ties with his friends in the industry since he quit, so says Chris Jericho.


After A Month-Long Absence, Rumor Has It The Wyatt Family May Appear at Hell in a Cell Tonight >>

On the eve of WWE's Halloween-themed Pay-Per-View event Hell in a Cell, there are several questions about WWE's spookiest Superstars. The Wyatt Family, who have been absent from television for much of this month, have instead been appearing in a new series of vignettes even more ominous than their original ones. Will the Wyatts make their return tonight at Hell in a Cell? And will the rumored Rowan/Harper split leave room for the Ascension to join Bray's family?

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