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Philip Trapp

Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma Reflects on Silk Road Ensemble and Prestigious Classical Career >>

Yo-Yo Ma has built a distinguished classical music career over the last half-decade. Reflecting on his most recent album with musical collective Silk Road Ensemble, the renowned musician speaks on perseverance and cooperation in achieving his goals.


Shakespeare Archaeological Dig of Curtain Theatre Unearths a Surprise >>

A recent excavation of the Curtain Theatre -- an Elizabethan playhouse where many of Shakespeare's plays were performed -- has revealed an orthogonal surprise. The dig proves the theatre was not quite the "wooden O" its description from 'Henry V' had proclaimed.

Burger King

San Francisco Burger King Latest to Enforce Round-the-Clock Classical Audio >>

A San Francisco Burger King location is the latest institution to jump on the 24/7 classical music bandwagon. In an effort to dissuade loiterers and drug traffic, the restaurant is now playing day-and-night orchestral audio from speakers outside the building.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Jane Little, Atlanta Symphony's Longest-Serving Bassist, Dies at 87 >>

Jane Little, record holder as the Atlanta Symphony’s longest-serving bassist and Guinness World Records inductee, died last Sunday at 87. The musician collapsed onstage during a performance by the orchestra, playing bass until the very last moments of her life.

Wil B

Black Violin, Classical Hip Hop Duo, Continue to Champion the Arts >>

Violin and viola duo Black Violin are Kev Marcus (Kevin Sylvester) and Wil B (Wilner Baptiste). Together, the pair champion the classical side of hip hop with their unique performances blending seasoned string instrument performance with catchy rap music beats.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin Surprises 'Bright Star' Audience with Special Guest Appearance >>

Steve Martin made a surprise appearance at Friday night's showing of 'Bright Star,' the acclaimed Broadway musical he created with singer-songwriter Edie Brickell. The comedian and musician delighted theatergoers during the second act with his adept banjo playing.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s New Album of Sinatra Covers Now Streaming at NPR 'First Listen' >>

Bob Dylan's second volume of traditional pop standards, 'Fallen Angels,' is now streaming in its entirety over at NPR's 'First Listen.' The follow-up to last year's 'Shadows in the Night' again contains a selection of cuts made famous by legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

Roberto Sierra

Composer Roberto Sierra Premieres New Version of 'Missa Latina' This Weekend >>

Composer Roberto Sierra will debut a new version of his acclaimed choral symphony, “Missa Latina,” this Sunday at New York’s Hunter College. The work originally premiered in 2006 at the Kennedy Center as commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra.

Lisa Bielawa

Lisa Bielawa Premieres Two New Works for 2016 New York Philharmonic Biennial >>

Lisa Bielawa, new music composer and Philip Glass Ensemble alumna, will host two world premieres of her work for the upcoming 2016 New York Philharmonic Biennial. 'Vireo Caprice' debuts later this month, with 'My Outstretched Hand' following in June.

Veronica Moon

Can Classical Music Cue a Vinyl Revival? Digital Quality a Concern Amid Devotees >>

Vinyl record sales have seen a resurgence of late, albeit mainly among albums of popular music, hip hop and punk. With online streaming and digital downloads delivering dubious sound quality, classical music fans are pining away for their own phonographic revival.

Lake Worth

Lake Worth, Florida Pipes Classical Music Downtown 24/7 as a Crime Deterrent >>

On Friday, Lake Worth, Florida began pumping nonstop classical music from speakers in the city's downtown area. Claimed by the city to be a crime deterrent, annoyed neighbors are calling the move "musical terrorism" designed solely to keep out homeless loiterers.


'Classical Keggers' Teach Millennials the Merit and Merriment of Music >>

Composer and conductor Nathan Felix takes a novel approach in displaying his symphonic works to the Millennial Generation. Fortified with locally-donated kegs of beer, the Texas musician mounted a “Classical Kegger” last weekend in San Antonio.

The Shining

'The Shining' Adaptation Delivers Spine-Chilling Horror on the Opera Stage >>

Mark Campbell's staging of 'The Shining' opened last week at Minnesota Opera. Based on Stephen King's horror novel turned silver-screen-psychological-nightmare by director Stanley Kubrick, the production features music from composer Paul Moravec.

Thom Yorke

Radiohead Drops New Album Following P.T. Anderson-Directed "Daydreaming" >>

Yesterday, prolific English band Radiohead let loose their new album, 'A Moon Shaped Pool.' The online release follows a busy week for the group which saw the debut of two teaser videos, including Friday's clip for "Daydreaming," directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

James Blake

Pianist James Blake Shapes 'The Colour' in Follow-Up to Sophomore Breakthrough >>

English composer and performer James Blake captured the zeitgeist last week thanks to his recent collaborations with Beyoncé on her stunning 'Lemonade' album. The promotional angle fortuitous, Blake thusly dropped his long-awaited third effort, 'The Colour in Anything.'

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