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Thomas Swan


Another Horror Film for Nayanthara? >>

Beautiful Tamil starlet Nayanthara, fresh on the heels of her success in the horror comedy Maya, has signed on to do another horror/crime-comedy. The project is as of now without a title but does have a director attached to it. It will be produced by director A. Sarkunam. The unnamed project will be directed by Sarkunam's long time assistant Dass Ramaswamy and will be starting to film soon.

Hank Conger

Are the Rays Abandoning Sabermetrics? >>

The Tampa Bay Rays have been a by the numbers team. When to shift, on who to shift, should they let the starting pitcher only go through the batting order twice because the third time around he gets hammered, the Rays have been there and done that. So, why exactly would a numbers team trade for a catcher, Hank Conger, who has a severe Achilles Heel as a catcher, he can't throw base runners?

Chicago Cubs Rumors: David Price Views Cubs as First Choice in 2015 MLB Free Agency

David Price Signs With Red Sox, Cubs Say Too Much >>

The free agent market is clearing the decks at a fast and furious rate at the moment. First, Jordan Zimmermann goes to the Detroit Tigers and signs a 5 year $110 million and now the prize catch of the offseason, David Price, is set to sign swith the Boston Red Sox for a reported 7 year $217 million dollar deal. Both pitchers were reportedly coveted by the Chicago Cubs this offseason and both instances the notthsiders were never a factor in the bidding.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren and the Glamorous Actresses of Italian Cinema >>

How about a little Italian? More so known for its legendary actresses than actors, Italy has produced a stunning array of talented and beautiful women. Though Sophia Loren is the most well known, there are many others that have graced the screen throughout the Italian cinema's rich history. So, I present Sophia Loren and the five Italian actresses you should know

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan Clarifies Statements About Intolerance >>

A big brouhaha has risen in the wake of Aamir Khan's comments about intolerance in India. Aamir has found support and scorn for verbalizing his thoughts. During an interview with the Indian Express, Aamir voiced his concern about the growing since of fear and insecurity due to the recent violence in Paris by Islamic extremists. Khan is Muslim.

Salman Khan

High Court Rejects Plea to Call Kamaal Khan >>

Kamaal Khan may know what happened that night so long ago but the court did not deem him pertainent to the case. The judge made this ruling while still admitting that Kamaal was in the car at the time of the accident. The judge however was of the opinion that a fair and just judgement can be ascertained without it. The judge, however, moved to allow testimony from an eyewitness that wasn't allowed in trial court.

Salman Khan

"Bahubali' actor Rana Daggubati Says Strong Story Gave Film Resonance >>

SS Rajamouli's summer hit Bahubali fought tooth and nail with Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan for box office supremacy and ended up with some box office records of its own. Lead actor Rana Daggubati attributes that success to a well written story. The actor whose stock has risen dramatically in the past few months feels that the film's strong story gave the film a resonance that carried it to the box office success it is enjoying.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan Charged With Sedition? >>

Aamir Khan recently voiced his concerns about the growing number of crimes that are racially motivated in India, basically that intolerance rules. In an ironic twist of fate, Khan's statements brought out intolerance en masse. Instead of a dialogue being opened, the Bollywood legend has been slapped with sedition charges by a Kanpur sessions court with a hearing due to be held tomorrow.

Tamasha Screencap

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone Shine in 'Tamasha' >>

Leonard Cohen explored the idea that a writer writes himself into existence. The more he creates, the more tangible he becomes. Sure, he exists but that shell, or body is just a housing. There is a truth but it is not what you see, at least right now. Maybe that is what director Imtiaz Ali is saying in his new film Tamasha. Ali's film has many layers with which to peel back to truly understand. Its complexity perplexes us all the more because the film's stars bring their own puzzle to the film. Where do Ved and Tara end and Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor begin? Tamasha suggests only through shedding illusions that we construct like walls, for the only true security is the greatest lie we can create, can we find ourselves.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor The Indian Version of Harry Potter >>

Ranbir Kapoor stars this month in Imtiaz Ali's new film Tamasha. Starring opposite his former flame Deepika Padukone, the enigmatic Ranbir Kapoor looks to rebound at the box office and reestablish a credibility that his somewhat eccentric movie selections have tarnished/ Criticisize him however you like, Kapoor marches to the beat of his own drummer and prefers a much more subtle approach to his acting. Like Johnny Depp in so many ways, he relishes the underdog role or as Ranbir Kapoor describes it, "the Harry Potter role."

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Doesn't Need a Script to Make a Film With Ranbir and Imitaz >>

Deepika Padukone has known to be ultra-courageous but she took that courage one step further when she agreed to be in Imtiaz Ali's newest film Tamasha without even seeing a script. . Well respected in his field , Deepika jumped at the chance to work with Ali again. They had worked together in the 2009 film Love Aaj Kal. Deepika appeared opposite Saif Ali Khan.

Salman Khan

No Lead Actresses Cast Yet in Salman Khan's Sulan >>

Salman Khan's epic film Sultan is about to start filming and producers have yet to find two actresses to play the female leads in the film. Reports say that the creative team behind the film, including Salman, are on the lookout for a veteran, established actress to play one role and a fresh face to play the other. So far, no one has pleased them. As filming is about to begin, Khan has taken on the thought that he will have to carry the movie for a while.

Curt Casali

Can Tampa Bay Solve Their Catching Problems? >>

Catcher has never been a position that the Tampa Bay Rays have had a lot of luck with. If you were to play a version of the game show Family Feud and ask a hundred Rays fans which are they more likely to see in their lifetime Scarlett Johansson naked in person or their catcher hitting 20 home runs. Given their history, all a hundred would no doubt say they far more of a chance seeing Scarlett than their catcher serving up 20 big flies.

Hrithik Roshan

Kran Johar Thinks Hrithik Roshan Would a Green Arrow >>

Bollywood hasn't shown too much interest in superhero movies. About the only one who has even attempted one is The Greek God of Bollywood himself Hrithik Roshan. Director Karan Johar thinks that Roshan would be perfect as DC Comics character the Green Arrow. The interesting thing is that Roshan has a strong command of the English language. He could easily be cast in a Hollywood production.

Salman Khan

Actress Describes Salman Khan as Hitler >>

Daisy Shah, currently starring in the new film Hate Story 3, raised a lot of eyebrows when she dropped the H-bomb when describing her mentor and friend Salman Khan. Apparently, the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo actor can sometimes be a bit of a tyrant on film sets or in real life, depending on the person and the situation. Well known for his mentorship, our Khan has an impatient streak in him it would appear. He showed it to the extreme with Aishwaryha Rai and then again with ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

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