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House of Cards

Kevin Spacey

Composer Jeff Beal Presents His ‘House of Cards’ Score for Season Four >>

'House of Cards: Season 4 - Original Netflix Series Soundtrack' will be released by Varèse Sarabande on April 1. Composed by musician Jeff Beale, his fourth collection of the hit Netflix show’s score continues to impress with its austere, ominous aesthetic.

Bruce Willis

Broadway Misery: Bruce Willis to Be Tortured By Laurie Metcalf >>

Jackie from 'Roseanne,' otherwise known as Laurie Metcalf, has replaced Elizabeth Marvel ('House of Cards') in the upcoming Broadway production of Misery--based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

House of Cards Cast

WATCH: 'House of Cards' Symphony by Composer Jeff Beal with Eastman Empire Film Music Ensemble >>

Jeff Beal is the composer behinds the cues for Netflix's original politco drama 'House of Cards.' Now, Mr. Beal is hoping to bring the music from the Emmy-nominated series to symphony venues across the globe.

House of Cards: Netflix Turnaround Puts HBO Go and TV, Itself, in Harm's Streaming Way >>

Yes, Netflix has usurped the golden crown of video streaming platforms currently on the market. A golden crown and a Golden Globe, too, for its original 'House of Cards,' the service has now entered the realm of television, itself.

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