‘Walking Dead’ Norman Reedus Death Rumors: Daryl Dixon Found Dead in Hotel From Drug Overdose Real or Fake? [HOAX] [2014]

By James Knight on Oct 29, 2014 06:22 PM EDT

Well October is almost over, and that means that Halloween is almost here, The Walking Dead is back on the air and Norman Reedus is dead….again. In what appears to be a modern day Halloween tradition, reports are appearing that claim that Norman Reedus, and or his character Daryl Dixon, is dead, or quitting or gay, or homophobic or whatever. Rumors about the actor and his super-popular character, tend to trend heavily around the horror themed holiday. However, Walking Dead-Heads can rest easy knowing that Dixon and Reedus and both alive and well. Read and share the report below so you and your friends don’t get tricked by this hoax again in 2014.

If you have been on Facebook or Twitter in the last few days then you have probably heard the the horrible news. Norman Reedus, is dead. Or did he quit? It is hard to keep track of all the rumours, but its OK, cause they are not true. Reedus is alive and well, and Daryl Dixon is still safe….for now.

As we reported last year, rumors about Reedus start flying each year around this time. The rumors will also likely resurface in the spring, as Snopes. reports:

“Shortly after the airing of the fourth season finale of AMC's popular zombie-themed TV drama The Walking Dead on 30 March 2014, an event that drew an estimated audience of 15.7 million viewers, word began to circulate that actor Norman Reedus, who portrays the character of Daryl Dixon in that show, had just been fired after a disagreement with producers and would be replaced in his role by another actor in the upcoming season. There was no truth to the rumor, however.”

So there you have it, Norman Reedus is still alive, and hopefully he will still be in the spring. Don’t get tricked or fooled by this hoax again.

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