Harry Styles May Be Dating an Ex Despite Public Breakup, Gay and Bi Rumors? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 18, 2015 02:28 PM EST

When it comes to Harry Styles' dating life, rumors are always flying. Despite his very public breakup from Taylor Swift, new photos suggest the two could be seeing each other again. These latest claims follow widespread rumors that Harry could, in fact, be bisexual.

Harry Styles has generated millions of dollars from his singing and millions of headlines from his rumored dating life.

This week was particularly newsworthy for the young 1D singer, as photos seem to show Harry with his ex-lover, Taylor Swift. Although neither celeb has confirmed nor denied the pics, Hollywood Life is pretty sure Tay Tay and Styles have been seeing each other on the sly.

Of course, the popular entertainment website acknowledges that the photo evidence of Harry and Taylor is iffy, at best:

"While we can't know for certain if that really is the sexy 1D stud by her side since we can't see his face, we can take a closer look by examining the pattern of his shirt. If you compare it to the shirt he was wearing the same night, as seen in the amazingly awkward TMZ video, it definitely looks like the patterns match up...Plus, in the video, Harry is wearing a watch. In Lily's pic, there's also a watch on his left hand!"

Of course, just because Taylor and Harry may have been spotted together doesn't mean the duo are rekindling their relationship.

In fact, Taylor and Harry were recently spotted within five feet of each other. Despite their close proximity, MTV News tells readers that Taylor and Harry wouldn't even speak:

"In a video obtained by TMZ, the One Direction star is seen talking to someone in Taylor's group of friends, while the 'Shake It Off' singer keeps her head buried in her phone, looks around the room avoiding eye contact and eventually walks away without talking or, by the looks of it, ever acknowledging her one-time boyfriend."

What do you think about the latest reports? Are Taylor and Harry really hooking up again?

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