Rumors Fly Around 'Japanese Madonna' J-Pop's Namie Amuro Breaking Into the US Market, Apparent Warner Music Group Deal in the Works

By Jaime Prisco on Jan 31, 2015 01:38 PM EST

J-Pop sensation Namie Amuro, known as the “Japanese Madonna,” may be seriously considering breaking into the American market after receiving an offer from Warner Music Group music label.

According to a report from the Business Journal, Amuro has reportedly already bought a house in Los Angeles and is taking English lessons so that she is fully prepared for her U.S. debut.

“Namie is well aware of Utada’s experiences [in the U.S.]. She has has begun intense English-language lessons. Concerning her music, she is fully satisfied with the type of music she releases being on par with the status quo. She’s not in a ‘I want to break America and be successful at all costs’ mindset, but rather ‘I want to step up my game,’“ says a mysterious music official, who broke the news about her American aspirations.

That mindset will be helpful for the R&B/pop singer considering the slew of Asian artist who have tried and failed to break through to American audiences. Even artist who seem to have an advantage like American-born Hikaru Utada, who the official mentioned, have failed to make it. Utada, who was a huge hit in Japan and native English speaker, released two English-language albums, Exodus (2004) and This Is The One (2009), but never gained traction. Even relatively successful artist, such as Korean singer Psy, have had trouble. After releasing his viral hit “Gangham Style,” he has trouble matching the attention he amassed during the songs height.

Amuro, who is the 12th best selling artist in Japan, still hasn’t released any kind of official confirmation about her intentions of coming to the U.S.

Check out Amuro's "Baby Don't Cry" down below to see if she has what it takes. We are wishing her the best of luck!

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