‘SYTYCD’ Travis Wall Talks 2016 Season Contestants

By Shane Jordan on Feb 07, 2016 04:18 PM EST

Not everyone is convinced that Fox is making the right move in launching the new season of So You Think You Can Dance with child contestants, but Season 2 vet, Travis Walls has no doubt that the kids' moves will be impressive. According to the Emmy-winning choreographer, he has worked each and every one of the children that are being considered for 2016's SYTYCD: Next Generation and knows that they are all quite talented.

Despite its continual lagging ratings, Fox is giving the once successful So You Think You Can Dance at least one more shot at redemption with a new more youth oriented season comprised solely of child competitors.

Fox Entertainment President, David Madden, told Deadline that the network is confident that the change in format would have folks running to their televisions sets to catch the reality dance-off (via IBTimes):

"The series has captivated its loyal fan base for over a decade, inspiring young dancers across the country and transforming the face of dance in every medium - and we're so excited to feature a young and talented new group of performers on the series."

While the Huffington Post has called into question whether or not a shift towards child contestants is healthy for either the kids or the audience, So You Think You Can Dance alum Travis Walls knows the young dances are more than up for the challenge.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Walls explained that he has personally met all of the children being considered for the Next Generation cast and believed they are all more than capable of putting on an amazing show when the time comes:

"I teach on convention and I train younger dancers, and I know there's a lot of talent out there. All the contestants we ever see on So You Think -- I've been training them since they were around 12 years old, mostly.

"Now that you're going to see some of the younger ones, I know a lot of the kids who are going to audition. I'm telling you: These kids are going to be incredible.

"So if there's any doubt in anyone's mind that we're not going to find incredible talent, they need to wipe that clean."

What do you think of So You Think You Can Dance seemingly turning to children to save the franchise?

Is it the cutest thing you have ever seen, or utterly repulsive?

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