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Chet Baker

A Passion for Acoustics [primephonic, Jordy van Wijk]

ICYMI: primephonic's Jordy van Wijk on J.S. Bach's Passion for Acoustics at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig >>

A well-crafted a church appeals as much to the eyes as to the ears. As Western music was so heavily intertwined with the church throughout history, you can imagine that a lot of major compositions first came to life in some of the world's most magnificent churches. As the dominant musical figure at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Johann Sebastian Bach had this privilege many times over.

REVIEW: Ethan Hawke & Robert Budreau's 'Born to Be Blue' Makes a Tragic Figure Cool Again

REVIEW: 'Born to Be Blue' Makes Tragic Chet Baker Cool Again >>

Given the measure of biopics coming out this year about late jazz legends, one would think that the time has come for the genre to make a comeback. Zoe Saldana channels Nina Simone, Don Cheadle the late trumpeter Miles Davis and, brokenheartedly, Ethan Hawke does the heroine-driven Chet Baker. A narrative that wants to bring you low--way low--the story fails, however, to do much to remedy its self-imposed blues.

Miles Davis

Miles Davis and Chet Baker Come to Life on Film >>

Two of jazz's greatest trumpet players, Miles Davis and Chet Baker, will both be coming back to life in new films due out this spring. Both are set to be played by noted Hollywood actors. In Born to be Blue, due out in theaters March 25, Ethan Hawke portrays the troubled trumpeter of the 50s and 60s Chet Baker. In Miles Ahead, House of Lies star Don Cheadle co-wrote, directed and stars as jazz god Miles Davis.

Chet Baker Biopic 'Born to Be Blue' Starring Ethan Hawke Debuts at Toronto Film Fest

Chet Baker Biopic 'Born to Be Blue' Starring Ethan Hawke to Debut at Toronto Film Fest >>

Ethan Hawke is coming off a hot year with a much cooler film that is set to debut at the Toronto Film Festival. "Born to Be Blue," which features Ethan Hawke as the studded trumpeter-vocalist, Chet Baker, will premiere at the festival in September.

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