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primephonic: Finally a Quality Digital Audio Service for Classical Music >>

In search for high-quality digital downloads of the best classical music, Classicalite has stumbled upon a goldmine: primephonic. Check out all the greatest classical music in audiophile WAV, FLAC or DSD format via their service. Free compilation download inside.

Lance Lopez

BLOGARRHEA: Five Bands that Prove the Blues is the New Rock & Roll >>

When rock'n'roll first sprouted regionally in 1950s New Orleans, New York City, Memphis and a few other towns, the new music liberally borrowed from the blues. As rock mutated into prog, metal, glam, fusion, punk, etc., something was lost along the way. In 2016, it's hard to find rock'n'roll but maybe we're looking in all the wrong places.

How 'primephonic' is Changing Classical Music Downloading, All for the Better

primephonic: Classical Music's Service for All Seasons >>

Until now, alas, classical musical had been more than a little late to the revolution. No, not a televised one; the online revolution--that digi-revolt against all the real, tactile records (and tapes) of some 1000 years of performance practice proper. Blame the medium, not the message, though. Lo, about an hour south of Amsterdam, one dutiful Dutch downloading distributor would soon oblige: primephonic.

Classicalite's Five Best... Artist Pub Shots of 2014

Classicalite's Five Best... Artist Pub Shots of 2014 >>

Creating a great publicity photo is a difficult art. And at Classicalite, we see a lot of them, both good and bad. Here is a gallery of the top five publicity shots to have crossed our desks in 2014.

Bart Simpson

Classicalite's Five Best: The Simpsons Music Episodes >>

These past twelve days seem like a yellow smear as all 552 episodes of animated culture criticism The Simpsons aired on FXX.

Classicalite's Five Best: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Classicalite's Five Best: ALS Ice Bucket Challenges >>

From tenors to violinists, all of them getting iced...

Classicalite's Five Best videos of opera singers who could still belt 'em out into the third age...

Classicalite's Five Best: Oldies Singing Opera! >>

Not over until the fat lady sings? Sometimes she never stops, whether she happens to be fat or not. Or even a lady.

PHOTOS: Not Quite Gone Yet, Five Pieces from Miles Davis the Painter and Jazz Trumpeter

Classicalite's Five Best: Miles Davis Art...the Painter >>

Miles Davis kept his cool as a seminal jazz trumpeter, but his ambition for artistic excellence went further than music--he was also a drawer and painter, sometimes adorning one of his records with his own cover art.

Little Ludwig: 5 Facts About Beethoven You Probably Didn't Learn in Elementary School

Classicalite's Five Best: Beethoven Trivia >>

If you thought you knew Beethoven, we found 5 truths to Ludwig van Beethoven's character that you either may not have known or overlooked into your processions with Vienna's most brilliant composer.

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings

Classicalite's Five Best: Carlo Bergonzi Recordings >>

Classicalite contributing editor James Inverne states his case, with videos, for the five best Carlo Bergonzi recordings.

Classicalite's Five Best: Pole Dancing Musicians on YouTube

Classicalite's Five Best: Pole Dancing Musicians on YouTube >>

Ahh, yes, the time-honored tradition of pole dancing. While playing an instrument. Or at least aspiring to such. Here, then, are Classicalite's Five Best (or Classicalite's Five Worst, depending on how you like it) we found languishing on YouTube.

Classicalite's Five Best: Richard Strauss Recordings for His Bicentenary >>

It shouldn't take a 200th anniversary to send everyone scurrying to the shelves (or Spotify) to listen or re-listen to some great Strauss recordings. But anniversaries are useful for reminding us, and any reminder to hear again the ravishing recordings recommended here is to be appreciated...

Lea Michele

Classicalite's Five Best: Made-Up Musicals >>

'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy's purchase of the rights to 'Funny Girl,' now in a fictional revival on TV's 'Glee,' made us think about some of the great fictional musicals of the past.

Classicalite's Five Best: YouTube Music

Classicalite's Five Best: Biggest YouTube Music Hitters >>

Ah, YouTube. Repository of some of the finest classical rarities just waiting to be chanced upon by some digital adventurer. But YouTube has its classical blockbusters as well -- videos that have attracted a critical mass of page views. They're not always the most obvious. Sometimes indeed the performers aren't even known. But here are five of the most-viewed classical videos we could find...

Classicalite's Five Best: Ralph Vaughan Williams Works >>

After my impassioned plea for orchestras and conductors to take note of this month's centenary of the Vaughan Williams "London" Symphony, it occurs to me that many readers, especially those outside of the U.K., may not be over-familiar with the great composer's music.

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