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Scientists: Listening to Mozart Lowers Blood Pressure, No Effect From ABBA >>

A group of German researchers have released findings that listening to classical music can help lower blood pressure. They determined that listening to Mozart or Strauss lowers systolic blood pressure, while listening to ABBA has a negligible effect.


Can Classical Music Improve Your Health? Numerous Sources Weigh In >>

Can listening to classical music favorably affect your health? Numerous studies have posited its advantageous effects on cognitive and physical conditions. Here, we attempt to decipher the data.

Government Proposes Improving Nutrition Facts Labeling On Food Products

3 External Factors That Frequently Influence our Eating Preferences Beyond our Control >>

We face each day with mostly automatic choices on when to eat, what to eat and how we manage our food intake. These decisions, often beyond our conscious awareness, are quietly produced by biological, psychosocial and economic factors. These external forces can lead to making us eventually susceptible to overeating, resulting to obesity.

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