St. Louis Rams Michael Brown Ferguson Shooting Protest Draws Criticism from Police Association, Penalty Coming?

By Quinton Robinson on Dec 03, 2014 09:23 AM EST

The St. Louis Rams haven't been doing great in recent seasons, and this year is no exception. The team has a mediocre and disappointing record of 5 and 7. However, the Rams have been a hot topic ever since they made a public show of support for Michael Brown in the controversial Ferguson shooting. Now, however, they are feeling the backlash, as the St. Louis Police Association is publicly expressing their disappointment and disapproval of the stunt.

Despite an otherwise mediocre season, on Sunday the Rams annihilated their opponents, the Oakland Raiders, 52-0. Some have suggested that the team's recent success can somehow be linked to their recent protest. 

In case you missed the controversial stance, Mother Jones reported on the situation:

"St. Louis Rams players Tavon Austin, Kenny Brit, Stedman Bailey, Jared Cook, and Chris Givens entered the field at Edward Jones Domes for Sunday's game against the Raiders in the 'hands up, don't shoot' pose, which has become a touchstone of the Ferguson protests ever since the killing of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson in August."

Even with an impressive win under their belt and a renewed interest in the team, the Rams could be receiving some type of penalties from the league. The NFL is known for doing whatever it takes to saves face, and according to KDSK, the Police Association means business:

"The St. Louis Police Officers Association has released a statement condemning the St. Louis Rams football players who entered the field displaying the "hands up don't shoot" pose. A spokesman for the St. Louis Rams says the team was unaware of the demonstration before the game." They go on to say that the association, "is profoundly disappointed with the members of the St. Louis Rams football team who chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury this week and engage in a display that police officers around the nation found tasteless, offensive and inflammatory."

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