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Alexander Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda Begs American Officials to Fix Puerto Rico in Op-Ed Piece >>

An op-ed piece posted on Monday by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda urged the United States to intervene on the island's economic crisis. In his letter he recounted childhood memories and, not surprisingly enough, the words of Hamilton himself.

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton Likely to Keep $10 Bill Gig >>

The Broadway musical, Hamilton, may have saved Hamilton the man. At least, it may have saved Hamilton's place on the ten-dollar bill. There was a movement afoot to redesign the ten-dollar bill and honor an American woman. That would have removed a key founding father, who was had a major hand in creating many of the important govenmental institutions, from the bill.

Alexander Hamilton

'Hamilton' Making History >>

Never has Alexander Hamilton been so popular. If there is a heaven and, we assume that both Alexander Hamilton and his arch-rival Thomas Jefferson are both in heaven, What do you suppose the subjet of the hit Broadway show thinks about his life being so trivialized? Probably, not all that much. One could almost hear Alexander Hamilton exclaim, "I started most of the institutions in this country and all I got was a damn musical for it."


Alexander Hamilton Musical Scores on Broadway >>

One of the founding fathers is a having a serious resurgence of interest in his life. Alexander Hamilton has a big bestselling biography on his life. On the improbable side, there is also a big hit musical about Hamilton's life with rap and hip hop beats to score it's song list and express the turbulent event that took place in Hamilton's life. Amazingly, the musical, which serves up a serious history lesson while laying down the urban beats is booked up on Broadway through at least January of next year and has proved itself a crowd pleaser.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

Scalpers Flock to Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' with $600 Fake Tickets >>

Perhaps the Most Exciting Musical of the Decade is a little too exciting. As is with most major productions, performances are subject to scalpers and fake tickets, all of which are a scam that could add up to $600 and will leave you Hamilton-less for Lin-Manuel Miranda and Broadway's sensational new musical.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

Alexander Hamilton Bio Writer Ron Chernow Talks Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hit Hip Hop Broadway Musical >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s face is now so synonymous with Alexander Hamilton that you could put him on the ten dollar bill and no one would object. Where Miranda is the man who wrote the musical about 'Hamilton,' Ron Chernow is the man who literally wrote the book on Alexander Hamilton. And by book we mean biography that the musical was based on. Now, Chernow is opening up about the hot new hip hop Broadway musical.

Celebrities Attend Broadway's 'Hamilton'

Broadway Smash 'Hamilton' Generates Over 1 Million Tweets Through Hashtags and Giveaways >>

"Hamilton" has conquered yet another feat for theater--with a over a million tweets posted about the musical featuring the life of Alexander Hamilton. Twitter has been a platform for the play to reach its young fan base and make it one of the most successful productions of the last few years.

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