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Meg DeAngelis

YouTube Casts Meg DeAngelis in Original New 'Dance Camp' Movie >>

It seems that YouTube is series about jumping into the ring with the likes of Netflix and Amazon with its new $10 a month premium service, Red. Instead of relying on homegrown stars to come up with the own content, YouTube is now manufacturing content itself -- like Meg DeAngelis' new movie with Nadji Jeter, Dance Camp. Although she herself has no real background in dance, the current YouTube celebrity recently explained that the opportunity to star in one of the site's first project's was just too good to pass up.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling Remembers Sharon Osbourne 'AGT' Humiliation >>

As the world's first famous dancing violinist, Lindsay Stirling has made a name for herself by being different, but sadly the 29-year-old California native has not always been celebrated for it. Stirling's new book, The Only Pirate at the Party, which she co-authored with her sister Brooke S. Passey, tells the tale of how Lindsay was able to overcome humiliating run-ins with entertainment experts -- like Sharon Osbourne -- who told her she would never make it, only to become the highest paid female performer on YouTube today.

Taylor Swift, Chinese Pianist Yundi Li Pair Up for New International Toyota Commerical

Taylor Swift, Chinese Pianist Yundi Li Pair Up for New International Toyota Commercial >>

Taylor Swift may have been an international phenomenon before but she's now gained some new cred after a video on YouTube surfaced of Swift and the Chinese piano-playing sensation, Yundi Li.


EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with 2CELLOS (Luka Šulić and Stejepan Hauser) >>

It’s not every day that you see two cello players opening up for Elton John. Or playing on a hit TV show like Glee. But I guess Luka Šulić and Stejepan Hauser aren't your ordinary cellists. Together, they make up 2CELLOS--one, singular stringed sensation bridging the gap between musics classical and pop. You'll recall, Šulić and Hauser rose to fame at the frog of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” Some 9 million YouTube views later, yeah, 2CELLOS (2CELLI?) is a household name. Recently, I had the pleasure to speak with the duo about their new album 'Celloverse,' just how they come up with their music video ideas and, most importantly, bananas. Lotsa bananas.

Leah Flynn

[EXCLUSIVE] 7-Year-Old Violinist Leah Flynn Speaks About Missouri >>

Amid all the chaos and turbulence that has been surrounding Missouri towns in recent weeks after the shooting and death of Michael Brown, one little girl is striving to make a difference. Leah Flynn, the 7-year-old violinist who has made national headlines with her plea for peace in Ferguson, has gotten the opportunity to use her music to help people who are still hurting from the tragic events. I recently spoke to Leah and her mother, Paula Flynn, about Leah’s idea to travel to Missouri, her trip and what she plans to do now that she is an Internet sensation. Speaking to Leah, who is from Sanford, Florida, it becomes clear that her main goal is to surround people with love and happiness using her talent as a violinist. “Normally, when I play for people at church or school, they’re always happy when I’m done playing,” says Leah. This idea is what led her to want to travel to Ferguson in the wake of all the turmoil. After viewing the violence and protests happening in Ferguson shortly after the shooting and death of Brown, 18, by Police Officer Darren Wilson, Leah felt that she wanted to do something to help the suffering town. “She said to me, ‘Mom, what’s going on?’ And I explained to her, because I have to — I told her what’s going,” her mother told WOFL. “She said, ‘But it's not right these people look so sad; maybe I could do something for them.”

How Did Child Singers Angelina Jordan, Amira Willighagen Learn to Sing Like Adults? By Studying at "YouTube University" >>

Before YouTube, it was unlikely that a nine-year-old would teach herself to sing opera, or a young Norwegian girl would learn to croon a jazz standard like Billie Holiday. But YouTube has become a repository for music of all styles and ethnicities, giving everyone an instant listening library at their fingertips. You might want to call it "YouTube University."

UPDATE: The Best Grammy Blooper Ever? Step Forward...Billy Joel! >>

A fun piece from the Huffington Post lines up the top Grammy bloopers. Our favorite? Without a shadow of a doubt, Billy Joel's 1993 blowback at ad execs.

Quickies: Baltimore Symphony Play Ravens Game, Frank Gehry Gets Gustavo Dudamel, 'Treme' Jazz, Sondheim Puzzle, Operatic Hemorrhoids >>

Here, then, is today's news--care of Classicalite's News 4 drive time anchor, Brick Dozer.

The Column: Why Telling Google to Fight Music Piracy Might be Mission Impossible >>

The U.K.'s BPI has issued its 50 millionth take down notice to Google, and they're losing patience. But this is a bigger problem than the recording industry--one with no easy solution.

Fattening Frogs for Snakes

EXCLUSIVE: John Sinclair's Spoken Word @ CBGB Festival >>

OK, so, technically, these were shot up and over in Koreatown--at Chris Noth's fancy pants dinner club, The Cutting Room.

Osmo Vänskä’s Emotional Farewell Speech to His Minnesota Orchestra >>

A recording has emerged of one of the most devastating speeches from a concert hall--Osmo Vänskä's farewell to the Minnesota Orchestra, ravaged by industrial dispute.

The Mile High Club: Classical Musicians in Mid-Air Videos >>

It may come as a surprise to anyone who flies regularly and doesn't come across this sort of thing, but suddenly the skies seem to be full of music. Live, classical music.

UPDATE: Fans Have Chosen the Program for Pianist Valentina Lisitsa's New York Debut at 92Y >>

Two months ago, Valentina Lisitsa invited her fans to vote on possible programs for her New York piano recital debut. Here's what her fans decided.

Five Quickies: Il Divo on Broadway, Zach Braff in 'Bullets Over Broadway,' Chris Thile's Mandolin Bach, Verizon's Droid Mozart Ad, Brolin Family Rock Opera >>

And with the world's best musicians, singers, dancers and actors going back to repertory work after their summer stocks, there's more good news happening now than there was, say, back in August.

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