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'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Javier Muñoz Gets Shot at ‘Hamilton’ >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda is getting his shot at superstardom. Miranda started his Broadway journey off hot with his debut musical, 'In the Heights,' which won two Tony Awards in 2008 as well as a 2009 Grammy Award. The writer/actor/composer then went on to provide the translations for the 2011 revival of 'West Side Story.' Miranda went on to provide the music and lyrics for the Broadway adaptation of Bring It On the Musical. Miranda has even won an Emmy Award for composing music at the 67th Tony Awards. That puts him one O away from the prized E.G.O.T. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). All of Miranda’s passion and drive has lead to his latest masterwork, 'Hamilton' which has taken Broadway and the world by storm. Now, it looks like Miranda might be taking a breath from 'Hamilton.' The very in demand actor is reportedly being looked at to co-star in the upcoming 'Mary Poppins' sequel, directed by Rob Marshall ('Into the Woods,' 'Chicago'). Have no fear. When, Miranda isn’t in the lead Javier Muñoz is stepping into Hamilton’s shoes.

Broadway's 'Hamilton' Receives Kennedy Prize for Historical American Drama

‘Hamilton’ Lin-Manuel Miranda Get's Shot to "Step in Time" with 'Mary Poppins' >>

It’s a jolly holiday with Lin-Manuel Miranda. That is right. The mastermind behind Hamilton and In the Heights may be joining Emily Blunt in the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel. Miranda is reportedly being looked at the role of Jack, a lamplighter who is said to be quite similar to our favorite Chimney Sweep, Bert played by Dick Van-Dyke in the original 1964 film. The film will be directed by Rob Marshall who also directed film versions of 'Chicago', 'Nine' and 'Into the Woods.'

Broadway's 'Hamilton' Receives Kennedy Prize for Historical American Drama

Broadway's 'Hamilton' Receives Kennedy Prize for Historical American Drama >>

Already a Broadway legend, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his seminal production Hamilton have now been awarded the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History.

Hillary Clinton

'Hamilton' Wins Grammy Without Coin Toss, Hillary Still Supports >>

In the middle of this divisive election season there is one thing that can unite us all. That is 'Hamilton.' The now Grammy Award winning musical is beloved by all but perhaps the most anti-American among us and even than you just know they secretly like it. Even known America hater and terrorist leader Cobra Commander was able to put his world conquest aside and snake a few tickets to the show. With the musical winning big at the Grammy Awards this Monday night, may we propose that Presidents Day be renamed Hamilton Day? Speaking of Presidents. Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton got into the action, tweeting her support for Hamilton after they won. At last we checked this message had not been deleted so we can assume she still stands by it.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks ‘Hamilton’ Hip-Hop Roots >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking new musical, 'Hamilton,' has become on of the biggest things to ever hit Broadway.The show tells the story of Alexander Hamilton with a diverse cast and through hip-hop music. The show has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The cast will also perform live via satellite from their home theater at the Grammy ceremonies. Now Miranda is opening up about the shows use of hip-hop and how it fits perfectly with Hamilton’s story.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night

Jeremy McCarthy Takes You In the Room Where it Happened [HAMILTON] >>

You might have not been able to be in the room where it happened but Jeremy McCarther was and he is telling everyone all about it. MaCarthur co-authored the upcoming book, 'Hamilton the Revolution,' alongside the musical’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The book written in the style of something from Alexander Hamilton’s era, includes annotated lyrics and a history of the Hamilton himself.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

'Hamilton' Goes Coast to Coast for Live Grammys Broadcast From Richard Rodgers Theatre in NYC >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 'Hamilton' is not just retelling history but it is making it as well. It was announced on Wednesday that the cast of 'Hamilton' will be performing live at the 2016 Grammy Awards. This makes the eighth year in history that musical theater has been broadcast at the ceremonies. Even better, this is the first time that the Grammys will be making their way to Broadway. The Grammys take place in L.A. meaning that Hamilton will be performing via satellite from their own stage at the Richard Rodgers Theater in NYC.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Grammy History: Ricky Martin, Elton John & Eminem Before ‘Hamilton’ Broadcast >>

It was recently announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical 'Hamilton' was going to perform at the Grammy Awards ceremonies on Feb 15. This will be the eighth musical theater performance at the Grammys. However, this time is a bit different. The cast will be performing from their theater in NYC, while the Grammy’s will be broadcasting from L.A. Now Lin-Manuel Miranda is opening up about making Grammy history. Miranda is also discussing some the most memorable moments from Grammys past including Ricky Martin's “Cup of Life’ performance and Eminem and Elton John’s “Stan,” collaboration.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

‘Hamilton’ Performing Live At 2016 Grammys After Best Musical Theater Album Nomination [HISTORY] >>

If tickets to see 'Hamilton' weren’t hard enough to get already, they are about to get a whole lot harder. That is after the few members of the public who have never heard of it get a chance to sample the opening from the show at this year’s Grammy awards. Not only is the show nominated for a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, but they will be performing the number "Alexander Hamilton" at this year’s ceremonies.

Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald Joins Lin-Manuel Miranda in #Ham4Ham 'Hamilton' Giveaway >>

For his next installation of #Ham4Ham, 'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda invited Ms. Audra McDonald to join him in singing a tune from the show entitled "Say No to This." While Mr. Miranda may have channeled his forefathers, Ms. McDonald went her own way and brought the spirit of Billie Holiday to the stage.

Rockefeller Foundation 'Hamilton' Grant Gives Reduced Tickets to New York Students

#Ham4Ham ‘Hamilton’ Digital Lottery Back on For Tuesday Feb 02: $10 Front Row Tickets Available >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' is one of the biggest things on Broadway today. The good news is everyone wants to see it. The bad news is everyone wants to see it. Tickets virtually stay sold out. However, you still have a shot to be in the room where it happens. The Hamilton Digital Lottery is back on. That is right, you can win an open seat at a deep discount. The lottery for a chance to win a front row $10 tickets takes place tomorrow, Tuesday 02 from 7am to 3pm for the 7 pm show performance. #Ham4Ham

Rockefeller Foundation 'Hamilton' Grant Gives Reduced Tickets to New York Students

‘Hamilton’ Producers Warn Fans Against Scalped & Faked Tickets: New Block Coming Soon >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical 'Hamilton' is perhaps the best reviewed new show running on Broadway today. However, despite how much you want to see the show, the Richard Rodgers Theater can only hold so many people at once and the cast would literally die of exhaustion trying to fulfill the demands of the public if they ran more shows. Even talk show host Stephen Colbert couldn’t get hand on a measly 400 tickets. In all seriousness the show’s producers are reaching out to fans to not buy scalped and possibly fake tickets, and promising to that are releasing a new block of tickets soon.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway Hit ‘Hamilton’ Coming to Chicago, San Francisco, LA & Your Own Home >>

Lin-Manuel Miranda new musical 'Hamilton' is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. If you don’t already have tickets to see it, than chances are you will be waiting a good long time before you make in the room. However, you might not be completely out of luck. Hamilton is gearing up to visit stages on the west coast, at SHN Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles as well as a sit down performance at Broadway in Chicago event series at the PrivateBank Theatre. Can’t make it to NYC, LA, San Francisco or Chicago? Well there is still some hope. 'Hamilton' will also be coming to your very own living room….sort of. It was recently announced that PBS’ Great Performances series, will feature a documentary based on the hit show, titled Hamilton’s America, later this fall. A previous documentary on Lin-Manuel Miranda's other hit musical 'In The Heights' titled, 'In The Heights - Chasing Broadway Dreams', also aired as part of 'PBS’ Great Performances' series.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night - Arrivals And Curtain Call

‘Hamilton’s’ Renee Elise Goldsberry Joins ‘Phantom’ Norm Lewis & ‘Kinky Boots’ Billy Porter for Broadway Inspirational Choir Concert >>

Renee Elise Goldsberry is hitting the heights thanks to her role as Angelica Schuyler in Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit musical 'Hamilton'. Now, Goldsberry is taking the stage alongside former 'Phantom of the Opera' actor Norm Lewis, 'Rent’s' Adam Pascal, 'Kinky Boots’' own Billy Porter and many others for a one night only concert with The Broadway Inspirational Choir.

'Hamilton' Broadway Opening Night

Top Shows on Broadway Hamilton, Lion King & Wicked: Do Shows on London’s West End Compare? >>

Without question, 'Hamilton' is one of the largest productions to hit Broadway in the last few years, as it has reigned week after week in the top ten grossing shows on the Great White Way. The show has received rave reviews, countless awards, nominations, and press coverage, and is currently the fifth highest-grossing production on Broadway, falling behind major shows like 'The Lion King' and 'Wicked.' The top shows on Broadway are unquestionably successful, but can they be compared to The West End productions in London?

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